CHINA: “Social Credit” System Ranks and Punishes Citizenry

China is punishing its citizens with throttled internet speeds and flight bans if the Communist Party at the helm of this monstrosity deems citizens untrustworthy because they may have broken some of the draconian social rules. It is referred to as their new “social credit” ranking system.

You can see below how the citizens of China will be punished even though this has been in the making since 2014 and is enforced to a lesser degree until it goes full bore. They have even illuded towards banning higher education to those that “break the rules.”

  • China has devsized a system that ranks its citizens based on their “social credit.”
  • People can be punished should they drive badly, buy too many video games, or steal.
  • In a Beijing street crosswalk – if people jaywalk they are banned.
  • China plans to eventually make it mandatory for everyone.

Enforcement includes, but is not limited to the above but also includes flight bans should the Communist Party deem them untrustworthy. The system is devised so it can be used not only by individuals but also by businesses and government agencies. The sickest part is the private sector, including China’s technology arena, which has its own non-governmental scoring systems that it employs against employees. Apparently, according to the think tank Merics, Sesame Credit, which is owned by Jack Ma’s Ant Group, they are using their own unofficial scoring system for their employees, such as studying shopping habits.

People will be informed if they are going to be put on a “banned list,” and then they will be allowed to appeal and act in resistance to the decision within 10 times of receiving the notice. The system happens to be compared to science-fiction situations portraying dystopian communities. China’s social credit score rating program integrates a moral side into it also. This is why most have compared it to a few degrees of a dystopian government. Many are comparing it to George Orwell’s “1984” where the state controls every aspect of a person’s daily life.

When we watch what is happening around the world – the United States, Canada, England, and the EU it is not hard to imagine “1984” happening around the world. The U.S. has already stated that the FBI will investigate parents that disagree with school boards regarding their children’s curriculum and will be labeled and considered domestic terrorists. That means they will be put on a list, but unlike China where there can be 10 appeals, U.S. citizens will have no chance to appeal. They will be marred for life.

Look at the police stealing cans of gas off truckers’ hauls in Canada. Since when can police steal? Obama signed into law that the law enforcement agencies can enter your home and confiscate anything they want no holds bar. People in power make up their own rules and regulations. The rest of the people must follow suit or suffer the consequences. We ourselves are not that far away from becoming a dystopian society here in the U.S. and around the world.

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  1. The United States has already imposed “no-fly” lists and used them to punish certain journalists. China’s “social credit” scheme seems to mirror long-standing rules for social behavior in Singapore. But I wonder what would happen to the airline business if suddenly everyone placed themselves on a no-fly list — when suddenly, not a single soul entered an airport, when there was nothing at all to do for thousands of transportation safety officials … when airlines were filling up their fuel tanks to fly two or three passengers to another city (there will always be a few willing to cooperate with fascism) … or better yet when there was a national election and no one showed up to vote.

    China today is little different from Imperial China. The words used to describe government functions and officials have changed, but the behavior remains constant. No laughing, now … because the U.S. government today mirrors that of Lord North under King George III. No one saw that coming — but only because no one is paying attention.

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