Biden and AOC should Go To Jail

The most inept administration in American history will now belong to Joe Biden and his administration. His legacy of lunacy will far outreach and outlast that of Jimmy Carter and his administration. Carter is now a byword, a thought, a memory that is long forgotten. Yes, the Iranian hostage situation went on too long and should never have happened, but the man truly tried, for that we all should be grateful. However, Biden is pushing a war between Russia and Ukraine. He does not care about the consequences of the collateral damage that will happen, he only cares about the money war makes; and don’t the American’s just love money, it is their god.

Ted Cruz: People need to go to jail for this

Ted Cruz said that sadly the best thing that ever happened for Vladimir Putin was Biden becoming president. The U.S. voted against sanctions originally against Russia. Interesting to note that we did not hear this from the left media channels, we hear this from Ted Cruz on Fox News. If one is supposed to know better, they don’t sleep with the enemy, but Biden has been doing just that and the enemy has is gaining traction and leverage. Biden is selling out the American people. He is no better than a sex trafficker.

Biden is also a racist. As Cruz points out you could not put up an ad that Fox News or any other company and say “we will only consider and hire blacks.” Yet this is exactly what Biden is doing by stating he will only consider a black woman for the Supreme Court. This is illegal but Joe’s “quid pro quo” has cheapened even the selection of a new justice. We do not have to look far to see who benefits.

If this is not bad enough, take a listen to Tucker on AOC …

Tucker roasts book that compares AOC to Jesus

The most hysterical part of Tucker’s video is AOC acting like a makeup influencer. A complete narcissist and the media is eating this up, well, at least on CNN. She is called multifaceted by the orator, and AOC is sharing that she is alone, what? Absolutely sickening. That was too much information and it makes one wonder who she is pandering to.

These two lunatics represent just a few of the crazies in our government and one is our president and that is so very scary. Both should go to jail. For what you ask? For being fraudsters, the whole charade is just fraud.

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  1. I’m surprised that being in the legal profession, you would be as cavalier as so many other commenters in the media and on the internet, calling for incarceration for people who’ve actually committed no crimes.

    What’s the value added in that?


    1. They’ve committed crimes… Hunter’s laptop is full of them. The State is no longer politically ‘neutral and it no longer investigates Democrats crimes. It has become a “partisan” that only investigates the crimes of its’ opposition.

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        1. So you see, there can be a “value” in mere accusations in exposing a corrupt regime, even if no convictions are returned for uncharged crimes. In that respect, we become more like Venezuela daily.


        1. Silly you! 🙂 Reread my bio. I am not a Counselor, but a Paralegal. For me to answer your question legally speaking would be the unauthorized practice of law, which I would be jailed for. So I will dissent. Lady Justice is blind, yes.


  2. Whether president, member of Congress, or a member of the city council … all politicians have at least one thing in common: they’re snake oil salesmen. It may be true that the substance they’re selling is harmful, and it may be true that only a fool would purchase the oil, or that only a damned fool would swallow it … but that decision falls within the exclusive province of the buyer, not the seller.

    Biden’s been running his mouth for approaching 50 years; AOC has been at it for a lot less time. Forty years from now, Biden will be long dead, but folks will still be listening to AOC run her mouth, selling snake oil. Forty years down the road (as with Biden today), you won’t be able to blame the seller because there wouldn’t be a seller were it not for the buyer.

    Now … um … if you want to put people in jail for running their mouths, would that include me (for daring to offer an opinion on a media platform), or anyone who puts up a podcast? Would that include you, for hosting an opinion blog? Maybe it is true that Biden and AOC belong in jail, but in order for that to happen, someone has to charge them with an offense, and then prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they in fact committed an offense, and that the offense charged was sufficient to warrant incarceration.

    Who would that “someone” be? It would have to be someone who was injured by whatever Biden or AOC is alleged to have done. All that they have done is sell a peculiar idea to people who vote. They didn’t force anyone to vote for them … so if there is a fault, if there is someone to blame, then we’d have to blame the buyer … and I’m afraid we don’t have enough penitentiaries to place everyone who voted for a nitwit.

    See Silverfiddle’s post today at AOW. It does appear that the government is seeking to stifle opinion by labeling it misinformation. That should make us all uncomfortable. Tucker and Cruz should be careful about what they ask for …

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  3. I am not clear how Biden is “pushing a war.” His ineptitude is beyond measure yet it is not a criminal matter as of yet to be ignorant and senile. I am also not clear why Biden and AOC should go to jail. I am sure AOC would more than willing and happy to embrace any interpretation of law as to why Bunkerville and its writer should be so confined.
    I have concluded that free speech is of value. Men and women have given their lives for me to speak and post my views. Biden and AOC have the same rights. What am I missing?

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    1. Like you and all here I have the right to reserve my opinion. Daily Biden has gotten away with murder literally and broken constitutional laws as AOC has. This is why I stated this. Biden getting away with destroying our nation because he is an old man is no excuse. Both are divisive and changing the course of this nation for the worse. Sadly no one holds them to account and the GOPs excuse is they don’t have enough representation in the House. Poor excuse of a government we have. Yes people fought for our rights to write as we do and as a writer I do not take that lightly. It is our military that is righteous and patriotic, not our politicians.

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  4. So, get ready because here we go….A Convoy of American Trucker are getting set to take to the road on Wednesday February 23rd, ….What will the Biden administration do? Will tehy try to stop them? Will you support them? Will you wish them Luck? Or will you call them NAZI’s like Creepy Prime Minister did in Canada our neighbors up north?

    Personally I support them….Nothing is more important than our individual rights, and our Freedom to Chose. …And it is equally important that these Democrats who are Haters of the America’s Rights start to realize that without the Truckers, we have NOTHING. And what we are doing is not a working.
    And to tell you the truth, I would like to see a similar Protest at the Border.
    Biden, and Pelosi and their Democratic buddies put a wall around the White House but not on our Border. That says it all they try to silence free speech and the opposition, and will lose their shirts in November.

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    1. I completely understand your disgust for Biden/Harris/the progressive/communist left. We may revile these people, but we should detest those who elected them. This country is in deep trouble. I often have doubts that we can ever recover from the disaster that began in 1993 and continues to this very day.

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