Trudeau Is a Dictator

I never thought “pretty boy” Trudeau was up to the job of Prime Minister. Of course, I was not writing back then so I was not sharing my thoughts. He looks like a pretty bottle of cologne, but once opened it reeks of a sickening stench.

He has insulted the majority of his parliament, and though his political career may not be over yet it is on a fast course of spiraling downward. He insulted a Jewish woman in his parliament, saying people were carrying swastikas, talking about the Confederate flag and both matters are insulting for a number of reasons. The most obvious is his lack of intelligence and the ignorance he displays. He is a type of Putin but without the prowess or intellect of the former KGB operative. If there is such a thing as a smart or dumb dictator Trudeau is winning in the dumb department.

Stuart Varney: Trudeau’s war with Canadian truckers is costing him

The arrogance of so many leaders in the west is astounding. From the U.S.’s “paper tiger in chief” to the absurdities going on in Australia with COVID restrictions, not to mention UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson making an utter fool of himself would be remiss.

The U.S. with its left-wing agenda, the woke mentality, and progressive panhandling – we are in a conundrum. It is a mess that will be very hard to dig out of thanks to the mental midget Biden and his inept administration.

Trudeau is quickly digging his own grave one inch at a time. All he has to do is open his mouth and it just spills out. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. We had all better listen because the west as we knew it is gone and communism, socialism, and dictators are the way of the future. Do not believe me, fine, but I told you to just listen, listen, and listen to what they speak.

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  1. Looking back at the election maps, Trudeau was overwhelmingly elected … which doesn’t speak well for Canadians. Of course, Biden’s election doesn’t speak very well for us, either. Bunkerville’s post today is quite revealing vis-à-vis Biden’s totalitarianism. I mention the election map because if we intend to demonize the politician (Trudeau/Biden) then we must demonize those who voted for them. No follower of Canadian politics… but when you stop to think about Canadian demographics, it makes sense that a leftist should have tremendous support. Think Animal Farm. The U.S. is (or at least was) a little different. We ended up with Biden NOT because he had massive support, but rather because Trump was reviled by 2/3 of the voting population.

    Aside: whenever American voters are underwhelmed by political candidates (e.g., dumb vs. dumber), they won’t bother to vote. What this means is that it is easier for a milquetoast candidate to achieve political office. Perhaps we should ask ourselves why we only have the two worst candidates to choose from? Maybe the Canadians are asking the same question. I believe that somewhere, maybe in a cave in the Appalachian Mountains, a political scientist is wondering if all politicians, no matter where they live, should be rounded up and shot.

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    1. I could not agree more and very well stated. I read bunkers post today and agree. As far as I see it hate Trump or not he did for the American people and America … just wish he kept his mouth shut. That motor mouth did not help him and my late daddy who loved him said the same of him … “he talks too much.” Having said that it gave America no right to hate the way they did, like Biden, is better? Trudeau is not perfect and Canada is way more expensive to live in but it has always been like that. What is the US’s excuse? Just stupid is as stupid does.


    2. Actually, more Canadians voted for the Conservatives (two elections in a row in fact). It’s just that left leaning cities get more seats. 70% of the seats that the Liberals won were from Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. He has had a minority government but just swung a backroom deal with another lefty party to essentially become a non-voted majority that will now not be subject to an election until 2025 (minority governments can have a snap election if a bill is rejected as it is considered an non-confidence vote).

      Too many Canadians do still support him though, they like to feel safe in their self-righteousness and abhor individuality. They’re the ones who like to brag about how polite they are which is really just code for compliance that entitles them to being patronizing.

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      1. Sounds a lot like our leftist in the US. They will do anything to sway the masses they are right and the conservatives are nut jobs. All one has to do is listen to AOC and The Squad to realize who the nut jobs really are — Biden and Harris included.


    1. I agree, but I do not believe we Americans should fear for our safety because Canada’s PM is a nut-job. Canadians need to worry about it … and should. Their liberties are at stake. Meanwhile, we have our own worries with Biden and the US left. Elections in November should tell us what we need to know, although having said that, I must admit that I have ZERO confidence in the GOP.

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  2. Hmmm, spiraling downward. Now where have I seen that before…. oh, yeah! Biden!
    Pretty boy’s hair reminds me a little of the 70s.. or maybe it’s the 80s. Either way, the kid has too much power… just like many in government here. Sure hope the Cadadian people are praying about this.
    I ran across an interesting video last night from way back when (I think the mid-80s) where Billy Graham talked about the Canadian people being so peaceful and they could lead the world in a revival. Sad to look at it now.


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