Birdfeeder U.S.A.

Henry and Katherine had a nice home on a quiet street in a lovely part of town.  Both were in their seventies; they’d been married for well over fifty years.  There were few things in life that Katherine enjoyed more than her back garden.  She would sit on the patio or in the gazebo for hours, relishing her beautiful lawn, the nicely appointed flower beds, and listening to the breeze rustling through the branches of the large oak tree.

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If only there were more birds.  Katherine enjoyed watching birds.  So, she asked Henry to build her a bird feeder — and would it be possible to have a birdbath, as well?  Of course, she could!  Henry was utterly devoted to his Katherine — and when done, he filled the birdfeeder with bird seeds and started the water pump to keep the water flowing into the birdbath.  At first, the lady enjoyed watching her birds; she was amazed by how many different birds came to visit her.

But then Katherine noticed something odd.  The birds began fighting with one another over the birdseed.  Larger birds came to chase off the smaller birds.  Aggressive birds ruined the tranquility of the backyard environment with their loud, obnoxious squawking and screeching.  And the one thing that Katherine had never anticipated was all the bird droppings.  They were on the patio, the picnic table, the birdbath, on the eaves of the house, and they even appeared on the brick walkway that led out to the gazebo — which was a bird-dropping mess.  Once, while Katherine was hanging out her wash, a large blackbird attacked her and drove her screaming inside the house.

A short time later, Henry and Katherine decided that the only way to reclaim their backyard paradise and restore it to its former beauty and tranquility was to remove the bird feeder and birdbath.  That’s what they did — and in a few days, the birds disappeared.  Henry cleaned up the mess.

The story of Henry and Katherine is the story of America.  Illegal immigrants, much like the squawking birds, arrive in the United States by the tens of thousands.  They flood across our borders in contravention of our laws, policies, and processes.  They migrate into areas ill-equipped to deal with so many people.  They overwhelm social services, and they deplete our national treasury in the process.  After the U.S. Department of Agriculture began distributing EBT Cards to Mexicans in Mexico, the Mexican people have come to regard U.S. benefits as their entitlement.  In effect, the U.S. government has sold the American people (the taxpayer) down the river.

So, now America’s once-nice neighborhoods have become barrio slums.  Property values dropped.  People of modest means moved away — leaving the depressed areas in the hands of people who are contented to exist on someone else’s dime.  Within these barrios, the children of these illegal immigrant freeloaders become targets of opportunity for local drug gangs.  Local schools have been transformed from learning centers to battlefields of rival gangs.

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Every true American, regardless of their skin color, deeply resents this situation — and is intensely annoyed that politicians use illegal immigration to gain partisan advantages … even to the extent of proclaiming American cities “sanctuaries”   These un-American politicians explain to simple-minded people that anyone who stands against open borders hates Mexicans — and they’re racists, as well.

How do we fix this problem?  We could start by dismantling the bird feeders.  It sounds heartless, but it’s only common sense.  If you’re an illegal alien, there will be no jobs, no housing, and no admission to public schools.  When they show up at food kitchens or emergency rooms, feed them, treat them, and deport them.  When the convicts have completed their prison sentences, send them back to their homeland.  How do we fix the problem with sanctuary cities?  Any state that permits a sanctuary city loses entitlement to federal money.  Period.  What do we do with politicians who support open borders?  Easiest of all — stop voting for Democrats.

The United States is the land of immigrants.  Legal immigrants.  Legal immigration is fair across the board.  There is nothing racist about wanting to protect our nation’s borders from illegal incursions, particularly when those screeching birds are making our beautiful garden into a gosh-awful mess.

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    1. Sorry, Warren I have been doing a lot of multitasking of late and did not mean to overlook your comment. I intended to get back to it because you made an excellent point in that a good deed does become a nightmare too many times. The day just ran away from me. Been dealing with a son who had hip surgery and my hubby’s back has him literally on his back, then my grandson gave me a cold and I am still worn out. So if I seem out of it sometimes it is me, not my readers. I appreciate you all.


    1. This will no doubt continue until the American education system produces people who are qualified for US jobs. How the GOP cannot see this connection blows my mind, and why they have NOT been able to bring this to the public’s attention is frustrating. Incredible, Bunks …

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