Biden Loves Borrowing Trouble

Biden is speaking rather broadly about a possible Ukraine invasion by the Russians saying, “It is still distinctly possible,” despite the Russian pullback. This man is dumb. Even Obama said if you leave it to Joe he will f*** things up. So why is the left-leaning media eating off every morsel of dialogue from a very inept man who is cognitively delayed due to possible Dementia, or worse, Alzheimer’s?

Russian President Putin said Moscow is ready for talks with the U.S. and NATO on limits for missile deployments and military transparency, a second signal Tuesday of the possibility of a tension release in the conflict between Russia and the West over Ukraine.  However, Biden is throwing his worthless two cents in and still saying war is imminent.

Putin stated that Russia is ready to engage in talks about limiting the deployment of intermediate-range missiles in Europe, transparency of drills, and other confidence-building measures but still emphasized the need for the West to heed Russia’s main demands.

Ironically those demands do not include a threat, in other words, that if you do not do this then we will invade Ukraine. Biden is looking for trouble and those advisors of his had better be clear with him about what he is walking around saying to the American public. This attack on Ukraine was supposed to happen weeks ago, now, the Russians are retreating. Yet we have the so-called president of the free world saying to the world that it is imminent that Ukraine will be invaded by Russia.

Biden is misinformed, unintelligible and where is the GOP’s demanding that long-overdue competency test? I am beginning to wonder if the GOP truly cares about the American people? No, of course, they do not care. They like their donkey counterparts have an agenda, it is their persons and party’s agenda and to hell with the U.S. citizenry. So do not ask how Biden became president. That’s our answer. Our politicians care about no one but themselves and that is a fact. Just ask Margorie Taylor Greene (R) from Georgia.

So yes, Biden loves borrowing trouble, and why not? The rest of the swamp politicians do all the time at our expense and that of others around the world. Anything goes and anything makes news.

Go Brandon!

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  1. The worst thing one can do in situations such as this is underestimating their opponent, which I believe the NATO alliance has done vis-à-vis, Vladimir Putin. The next worse thing would be to dismiss Putin’s concerns as if they have no merit. Now, I’m no lover of Russian cuisine, but I can see that Putin’s position is entirely logical from the Russian point of view, and I can see why he would not budge from that position. I would also suggest that Putin is holding the moral high ground — and at this point, there is no question at all, in anyone’s mind, that Putin will not countenance NATO weapons in Ukraine, any more than they allowed NATO weapons in Georgia. If there is any shooting in the future over this issue, it will likely be the result of NATO foolishness … but I certainly would acknowledge, too, that Russia looks at military gamesmanship as a form of diplomatic negotiation.

    You’re right to suggest that the U.S. is not in good hands, by either the DNC or GOP. Buffoons all. Biden has no greater understanding of the Black Sea crisis than Bush did of Afghanistan or Iraq. Let us then look to those who are pulling the strings behind the curtain. For far too long, the U.S. has allowed itself to become NATO’s hired gun. “Let the Americans pay the lion’s share of these adventures,” NATO argues; “Let the Americans bury their sons,” they say. I spoke to a retired SF master sergeant some time ago who said that in his experience, European NATO partners are completely untrustworthy — notably the French and Italians. In his view, Trump was right to question America’s “fair share” of the NATO burden. Now here we are looking across the wire at a determined Russian president somehow thinking “Yeah, we’ve got this.”

    I don’t think so.

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    1. Americans of late have proven themselves inept. I am tired of America strong arming nations around the world. We cannot even resolve our own issues but want to tell others how to resolve their own? Hypocrites and this is America is very much resented around the world today. It is a shame, but true.


    2. … underestimating their opponent

      Exactly. While I would say that we’ve improved over the past decade, we still struggle behind Russia in the Information Environment. Even if Putin doesn’t invade Ukraine, he will still have a sense of victory, because he played the U.S. and NATO; he continued the long-term strategy of weakening NATO and member states internally…..which translates to being weakened externally. He has mastered [at least better than us] the tactic of achieving victories through the ‘force of politics’ rather than the ‘politics of force’.

      This is a component of 4th Generation Warfare….which our political class simply doesn’t seem to understand.

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  2. Assuming Putin will always be in charge… that’s the rub with this.. Mustang and I go around with this…
    I do believe Putin would like to get the old gang back together again like old times and it is probably more than his worry over security, after all he’s got the big one.
    Does Putin want to risk his 300 Billion he takes in oil revenue per year which is his GDP for the most part? I say no. There are rumbles at home too. Many cross back and forth into Ukraine and do they want their friends blown to bits?
    Do I think we should get into this? NO….. butlLet us keep in mind Putin is here today and gone tomorrow.

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