Hillary Has Been Hacked

After all these years it gives me great pleasure to finally present the liar we all know Hillary Clinton to be. She has told little lies, big lies, any kind of lie you can imagine, but now her lies have found her out. She hacked the White House when Donald Trump was our president. She even hacked Trump Towers. There are and were no limits or bounds to what this evil woman would do. Amazing how things work out. No matter what she did or tried to do, no matter how much she hacked she still could not break the “glass ceiling.” Nor was it Russia hacking our elections, it was Hillary.

John Durham confirmed that Hillary Clinton’s associates illegally spied on Donald Trump to delegitimize his victory and presidency.  Durham said, “… to monitor Trump and his allies, even after he took office.” Durham’s court filing “proves the campaign to undermine Trump went far beyond what many people suspected. Trumps campaign was not just spied on but included the White House, hacking into the “government’s confidential servers” and using pilfered info to “manufacture” the Russia-collusion narrative, which our intelligence community then “ran with.” Now, years later, few of these people responsible have faced any consequences.

“In a stronger period of time in our country, this crime would have been punishable by death. In addition, reparations should be paid to those in our country who have been damaged by this,” said the former President Donald Trump. The behavior reported in the court filings is akin to what the Democrats have repeatedly accused Team Trump of doing since 2016. They did this with impunity and without ever providing any evidence to support their erroneous claims. 

Hillary has been hacked. She can no longer hide, she can no longer lie, though I am sure she will try her best to weasel her way out of this debacle she herself has created. What a miserable wench she is. How far-reaching will we find her tentacles tangled within her lying web of lies? Hillary can no longer hide.


Caralle, Katelyn. (2022, February 13) “‘It’s bigger than Watergate’: Vindicated Trump vents over Special Counsel report that proves Hillary Clinton campaign DID spy on his 2016 campaign and paid a firm to hack his Trump Towers and White House servers.” Retrieved from https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10508805/Trump-calls-bigger-Watergate-revealed-Hillary-Clinton-paid-hack-servers.html

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    1. What you say is true — and not unexpected. On the other hand, partisan politics aside, if what we think we know is only ten percent accurate, then the Clinton effort (conspiracy, for the lack of a better word) to spy on a presidential candidate and later, a sitting president is twice as bad as Watergate (which is somewhat ironic given Hillary’s role in the Watergate investigation).

      Yes, the story is enough to get the old heart-pounding, but that’s about the most excitement anyone will ever see. There will be no courtroom drama, justice will not suddenly appear wielding her terrible swift sword, and no one will escort Hillary to the guillotine. No one has exposed a conspiracy. All we have so far is one attorney who told a lie to the FBI, which somewhat makes the case that he was a lousy attorney, to begin with. I’ll have that nothing-burger with fries, please.

      Justice delayed is justice denied.

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      1. I agree, though the timeline I’ve seen laid out doesn’t support any clandestine spying while Trump was in the White House….only Trump Tower.

        I’m not working off of a desired outcome one way or the other. If the Clinton Campaign broke laws, they should be held accountable [not that the Primary in any situation would ever be personally held accountable].

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  1. Hilton: Lying wretch — the perfect description of the Hillary-Beast!

    Hillary can no longer hide.

    Maybe, maybe not. The tentacles of the Clinton Political Machine reach far and wide. 😡

    But she is old — and getting older by the day. She just might croak or stroke before she is brought to justice. That’s what happened to Georgia Tann.


      1. Elizabeth,
        I’m not wishing a heart attack or a stroke on her. I’m just saying that she’s in the age bracket for such troubles. So, why won’t she just go home a bake cookies with her grandchildren? The lure of power! It’s so very strong for her.

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  2. Why this matters:

    “February 16 will be the day of attack” on Ukraine by Russia, said a post on Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s Facebook page accompanying a video address to his country on Monday night.”

    Biden picked this week because several months ago Russia announced they were conducting military exercises in Western Russia near the Ukraine border. The United States is fabricating their claim of a pending Russian invasion of Ukraine around these Russian exercises. When the invasion/attack doesn’t happen, Biden officials will declare a strategic geopolitical victory.

    >>(CNN) […] Russian President Vladimir Putin “continues to add to” his “menu of options” with the type of capabilities he has added from the Russian military by land, sea and air, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said during a briefing on Monday.

    On land, Putin has “combined arms capability, so it’s infantry, it’s armor,” but he has also added “air and missile defense as well as offensive air,” Kirby said.

    Putin also has built up his maritime presence. He has added “at least half a dozen” ships in the Black Sea that are LSTs — or landing ships — which have “one purpose, and that’s to put troops ashore,” Kirby said.

    “He’s got significant naval power inside the Black Sea,” Kirby said. (more w/ updates)<<

    As soon as Russia completes their military exercises without an invasion of Ukraine, Joe Biden will declare victory.

    Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation isn’t just imposing accountability for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 political trick to dirty up Donald Trump with the FBI; it’s also encroaching on the credibility of President Biden’s current chief foreign policy adviser and point man for the current Russia-Ukraine crisis.

    National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan was a senior adviser to Clinton’s 2016 campaign and, by his own admission, spread the word to reporters back then that Democrats believed Trump was colluding with Vladimir Putin to hijack the election and had a secret computer channel to the Kremlin. Neither proved true.

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  3. Jake Sullivan, Biden’s current “Point Man” for the Russian invasion of Ukraine, was Hillary’s front-man for the Trump-Russia collusion charges back in 2016. The man has NO CREDIBILITY. It’s ALL a wag-the-dog tale

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  4. Nixon was foolish enough not to burn the tapes… Hillary et al thought there wasn’t any chance Trump would win. Thus foolishness precluded logic and a feast of damaging information was left along the road for others to discover. It is a long slog. In the end I have little doubt that something will come of it. I doubt that others will be willing to take the fall for this crime.. Someone gave the keys to the computers. That someone has a name.

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