TUCKER: Justin Trudeau is attacking human rights

The people are fed up with the dictators running America and Canada. It looks like an embargo out there. Police abusing law-abiding citizens, stealing gas containers off trucks because those are their orders from Trudeau. The backlash not just here but in Canada has begun and our car manufacturers are feeling the crunch.

It is not hard to imagine. We have heard and seen this scenario play out here in America. The elite telling the working class what they can and cannot do and dare you to voice your opinion, you are a communist, a racist, a heretic, belong to QAnon, or even a Nazi.

On March 5th, American truckers are planning to protest like their counterpart truckers in Canada by driving from California to Washington, D.C. to let the elitist politicians that are sipping cocktails in D.C. know that the working class has had enough. Biden has already alerted Homeland Security to put a stop to this and block these truckers from doing what is their constitutional right, to assemble peacefully in protest.

Wasn’t America founded on freedom to choose? Canadians share many of the same freedoms. Yet our politicians are smearing the Canadian truckers, calling them and our own people insurrectionists. When did America become a commie nation? Who will benefit? Those disgusting people in high places with lots of dollars to burn.

Don’t take my word for it. Listen to what Tucker says. Look hard at the footage and the speech of Canadians and Americans. You decide.

12 thoughts on “TUCKER: Justin Trudeau is attacking human rights

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  1. Excellent post and good reporting. Tucker was quite thorough in his televised report. My guess is that we Americans will have a front-row seat for the next iteration … as American truckers take up the protests. Trudeau does reveal himself, and I suspect that Biden’s advisors are sending him mixed messages about what he should/should not do. Apparently, there are no “oath keepers” in Canada; it will be interesting to see if we have any here in the U.S. The issue is far more than Covid … I hope those who observe from a distance understand that.

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  2. The most important aspect to being an “oath keeper” is the very first oath that you keep: feeding your family. Don’t ever lose sight of that when referring to so called oath keepers.


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