BREAKING: Trudeau blaming the U.S. for his woes in Canada

The protestors are holding their own despite threats from Trudeau of fines up to $100,000 if they do not dissipate. People are fighting for their human rights – the right to choose. They have been assaulted with every filthy name. The Canadian truckers are leading the way.

In the meantime, Trudeau is blaming the United States for his woes. It is supposedly our monies funding this, our influence fueling this, and our country causing Canadian truckers and people to become insurrectionists. They are being called domestic terrorists and the truckers are yes, called cultists.

I have this to say to Trudeau. Don’t blame the U.S. for the mess you created with excessive mask mandates and lockdowns due to Covid-19. You are a dictator. Clean your mess up and do not blame the American people.

Enough is enough … MAN UP!

11 thoughts on “BREAKING: Trudeau blaming the U.S. for his woes in Canada

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  1. But of course it is the USA fault… Biden said so so it must be true.. This will be interesting to see where this goes and ends. The line is drawn… Thanks for your earlier link.. :). I added you to my roll.

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  2. I have to be perfectly honest with you — I am as perplexed about Canadians electing Trudeau, as I am about Americans electing Little Joey Dipstick. The Canadians learned nothing from their disaster that was Pierre, and we Americans learned nothing from our disaster with any Democrat since 1828. We should make a deal with the Canadians: they can have Detroit back (along with Chicago and every Ohio city north of Columbus) if they’ll just stop calling Canadian Bacon bacon.

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    1. They cannot even handle what they have and give them those border cities back? LOL! You wish and so do I but it won’t ever happen. I never cared much for Canadians they are a strange lot as far as their government goes. The country is gorgeous and I wish our winters were like theirs (I should live in Alaska) – but seriously the Canadians never impressed me with their politics or government. They are a weak extension of England. I no longer believe there is any country on earth that is not polluted with people with ill-gotten gain and the never-ending elites. I wonder why they are not going after Bill Gates (Epstein mess) like they are Prince Andrew? There must be money to be had someplace for someone. There always is. That is why Trudeau was elected. Most elections are rigged and Trump was right, they sure rigged ours. Technically Trump won and Pence just wimped out on him. I am just adding fodder to the flames. It is all up for discussion now.


  3. What a wuss Trudeau is! I can barely stand to watch even a shot snippet of video with him talking.

    Truckers are flexing their muscles and I, for one, don’t blame them. They have long been disrespected and on several levels.

    As I typed in at my own blog this morning:

    To get them off the bridge, one politician screeched, “Slash their tires!” As if a big rig is gonna roll with slashed tires! Apparently, these elitists have no idea about the motility of a big rig with no air in the tires. My big old Crown Vic would have had a helluva time moving with all the tires flat. I personally know how hard it is to get a pickup rolling with two flat tires. Happened to my pickup once upon a time. I guess elitists haven’t had flat-tire experience.

    Not to mention how difficult it is to take out the tires on a big rig: those tires are steel belted.

    Not to mention how flat tires on a big rig would tear up the bridge’s pavement.

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      1. Nothing is more annoying than to suffer at the whims of another’s edicts, especially when they are contrary to established customs and traditions of civil service.

        Euripedes , “Hecuba” – I may be a slave and weak as well, but the gods are strong, and custom too which prevails o’er them, for by custom it is that we believe in them and set up bounds of right and wrong for our lives. Now if this principle, when referred to thee, is to be set at naught, and they are to escape punishment who murder guests or dare to plunder the temples of gods, then is all fairness in things human at an end.

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