BIDEN: Father of Crack Loving Son Hunter Gets Down – NOW! Get Your Dope Paraphernalia Free – The Drug Addicts Supply Chain – America Run Amuck

Yes, that title is correct … Biden HHS will fund crack pipe distribution, and this is part of a $30 million “harm reduction” Reduction’ Grant …

Get ready people, the government puts a whole new spin on “nanny states”.  We can now officially call our government and states “dope dealers.”  This is now referred to as the “harm reduction” grants for drug abusers, yes, for drug abusers.  It is set to begin this spring.  The federal Department of Health and Human Services (DHS) plans to distribute $29,500,000 to what is allocated as, “safe smoking kits/supplies,” which means crack pipes and drug-related paraphernalia. This near $30 million in “harm reduction” grants is being distributed through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) within the HHS.

It will be far-reaching. State, local, tribal, and non-profit groups are going to be involved in treating these drug abusers and can apply for the funds.  February 7 was the due date for the applications and awards – up to 25 – are going to be announced on May 15. SAMHSA estimates that the awards will be up to $400,000 per year per award over the next three years. 

So now we deal in drugs, to what end? This is not the America I grew up in, nor the America I knew – that America is long gone. Still the greatest country on earth, of course. Now you can have it all, the real American dream ala crack cocaine pipes and other drug rubbish on the American dime. I never signed up for this and neither did any law-abiding drug-free American.

So tell me, what happened to the “War On Drugs?” That was a rhetorical question because we understand that there never was a real war on drugs. Our government has always quietly facilitated this ugly habit because they are the biggest drug purchasers. They are only doing what they always did, lie, cheat, steal, and even kill.

Bye, Bye, American pie …

8 thoughts on “BIDEN: Father of Crack Loving Son Hunter Gets Down – NOW! Get Your Dope Paraphernalia Free – The Drug Addicts Supply Chain – America Run Amuck

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  1. Much like federal funding for needle exchange programs, I don’t support tax dollars funding someone’s recreational activities.

    But I also don’t spend a lot of time bemoaning drug use in America, when alcoholism is damn near celebrated. The ‘war on drugs’ has always been a farce. A theater act designed to take advantage of civil asset forfeiture, increase State and Federal funding for ‘law enforcement’, and fund the private prison lobby.

    It’s long past time we treat drug addiction like the medical issue that it is, rather than the criminal issue that it isn’t. We’ve made a mockery of notions of Liberty, on many different fronts. This just being one of them.’

    “Your mileage may vary” on this, of course.

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  2. We have not traveled too far down the road. There are stories (parables, if you prefer) in the Bible that tell us about highwaymen and other tortured souls. So long ago, they may have chewed on plant leaves to get their high … their escape from whatever pained them most about life 2,000 years ago. The non-romantic side of western civilization paints a similar picture — pick any European city. America’s old west towns and settlements were populated with drunkards and ne’re-do-wells who lived and died in their own stink. Even the ancient native Americans had to find a way to deal with mentally impaired tribal members — they simply became tolerant of bizarre behavior.

    In modern society, our progress appears limited to the vehicle that offers stupor and the means to ingest it (drugs and alcohol) instead of any serious attempt to address the underlying problem, which is mentally impaired people — millions of them. We’re just putting band-aids on sucking chest wounds. This is all we’ve ever done. Here is the only difference between that human wreck puffing on a crack pipe and the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives: Nancy sobers up before going to work in the morning; the meth guy never sobers up. But here’s another $30 million … not for the wreck, but for those who now think they’ve done something decent to address a problem long out of control … mental illness.

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  3. You make excellent points Mustang. This is a mental health issuee and had Biden signed off on a mental health program or initiative I would not have had a problem. Many of those with mental health issues are vets or troubled souls due to family abandonment due to their mental health. It is a real problem, but Biden’s choice to solve a problem by providing the tools that keep these people addicted is insidious and evil.

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