Murder, Rape, Kidnapping, Affairs, and Mayhem: The Cheapening of America

I do not have to ask any one of you if you have been listening to the news.   It is a redundant question we all know the answer to.  Every day we turn on the television set to one of the many cable news stations or browse the Internet for news and we are bombarded with horrific stories of children kidnapped or women murdered.  Many men and women are having affairs and then killing off spouses.  Then the gangs, losing out cities to murder and corruption. The litany of filth goes on and on as each day passes getting worse by the minute.

There is no more respect for humanity.  Every sad tale to come out is bombarded by a barrage of journalists trying to meet deadlines and be the first to break the news.  I have watched some of the blonde-haired, blue-eyed bimbos on Fox report sad stories with a smile and a twinkle in their eyes. Fox News is supposedly the number one cable news network that has lost its moral focus.  They all live in their glass houses and refer to hard-working Americans as the “little people.” Who cares about all the Hollywood gossip?   Why is the news a sideshow? The news has become the “Barbie and Ken” show. Between Botox, lip filler, hair extensions, fake eyelashes, fake nails, the short cocktail style dresses Fox looks more like a whore house than a news channel these days.

Adults in society only seem to care about themselves.  They leave their children to do as they please or if they are involved, parents’ own actions leave a lot to be desired.  We see parents acting worse than the teens they are raising.  Yet society expects these very teens to become law-abiding citizens that will give back to society and be selfless, not selfish.  How ignorant is that?  Does it make sense to even believe that selfish parents will raise children that are not just as selfish if not worse?  If you cuss around your children and your child repeats what you have said, can you truly justify correcting them when all the while you are cussing about this, that, or the other?  You let them hear your filth.

Women claim to want to teach their sons and daughters to have respect for their elders but those very same elders, their parents, are running around showing their bodies off or drinking like they are out of Hollywood themselves acting like wannabees.  Then these very same people have the gall to wonder why our youth is so confused?  What are parents really teaching their children? Take a crazy selfie mom and then wonder why your daughter does the same? Parents act like teens to buy their children’s approval. It is all backward.

It is no wonder that the cheapening of humanity amongst Americans will be of our own making and the cause of our own demise.  People lie to one another.  Their word means nothing anymore these days. They pretend to be what they are not but expect honesty from their children.  Mothers would ground their daughters for flashing their bodies in scantily clad bathing suits for men to gawk at, but are doing exactly the same thing and wonder why?  If that is not insanity then I do not know what insanity is anymore.

You cannot have it both ways.  You cannot raise moral children in an immoral world if you yourself, calling yourselves conservative,  sell yourself in a package that is all wrapped up in soft porn, filthy language, and double messages that say, “Do as I say, not as I do.”  Show me the parents and I will show you the children.

How is it any one of us can ask why all these horrific murders and killings are going on? How is it we can ask why small children are kidnapped and rarely ever found if at all or worse, found many times dead and horribly violated?  It has been the cheapening of humanity that has caused this all to happen.  

It all began subtly in the 1960s when prayer was removed from public schools and by the early 1970s when abortion was legalized.  What also played a huge role in this steady moral decay was when women decided to be equal to men. Instead, women used their bodies instead of engaging men with their minds but women wonder why men objectify them? Women said they wanted equal pay, they even dressed as men with their white pressed shirts and ties, all the while using their feminine whiles to sleep their way to the top in many cases, thus nothing really changed.  It became worse and the latter is nothing new to the society.  That has gone on since Biblical times.  Women’s liberation did not liberate any woman except perhaps in the mind of some dumb women lib advocates that got goosebumps because they really thought they made a difference.  No, in fact, they made it worse.

Now we see women trash themselves to get the ratings on television.  Show the cleavage – wear the mini skirts,  just show it off girlfriend and draw them in using your body as your tool or your weapon, but reel them in.  Suckers!  Women like this are no better than the prostitutes they claim to detest.  At least a prostitute admits what she is, she knows what she is, she is not in denial.  But the women and men out there who are pimping themselves for the moment to get five minutes of fame or to earn their pay is all they will get at the end of the day, and of course, their denial of it all.  They have done nothing to help the conservative cause but to make us look like hypocrites to the liberals.  Our reasons for being conservative, moral, and just are being cheapened by conservatives daily. This is one of the reasons liberals have a field day using the right that promotes decency but acts like male and female whores.  They need to shut up and cover-up.   Soft porn and politics are a bad mix just remember Bill Clinton or Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I am tired and disgusted by what I see on the news, on the Internet, with the antics of so-called “decent” news media that toot their own horn and suck-in people who want to latch on to the five minutes of fame they see on our television sets for suckers.   Again, I ask you how is it we wonder why our youth is so messed up?  Why gangs are rampant?  Why do many of our children have no respect for their parents or other adults in authority?  Schools are a prime example of this sad decay in moral upbringing. Look at the immorality they witness in adults that influence them.

We cannot have a God-fearing society if we are not God-fearing.  We cannot raise wholesome and sensible children with common sense if we as parents act like “teeny boppers” showing our bodies on display for the world to see.  These same people claim that others love it.  Yes, they do love it because they are of the devil, and the devil perverts and loves sin.  I despise the self-indignant righteousness of people that say you will be held accountable to a higher authority, but note, they do not ever say God.  I call them all hypocrites because I can walk in my integrity.

All of us want to go back to the bygone days when people truly cared for one another.  A time when we helped our neighbors and cared about our communities.  A time when parents did not take their roles as parents so frivolously and lightheartedly as they do today.  When I grew up my mother would never do what some mothers do today.  Back then your parents were your parents, not your friends.  That is the pitfall of this nation – when parents turned into their children’s friends and allowed their children to dictate to them what they wanted, how things would go down, and mom and dad said, “okay honey.”

Yet we still wonder why there is an increase in murders, rapes, kidnapping et al?  Look at the parents in this society and I will show you the youth – their children.  The fortunate youths that do serve our nation during a time of war must be commended for their service to our nation and their parents are to be applauded for raising their children morally.  These parents must be commended for not following the dictates of the crowd of the socially correct bimbos.

If we want a different world to live in and bring our children up in then we must change how we parent our children first.  We must have self-respect and dignity and pass that on to our children along with integrity and character.  Without laying down this foundation along with teaching our children about God we will continue to reap the sick society of today.

In conclusion, to those of you that disagree – I feel sorry for you – it is the ones like you that are helping this society to free fall right into the open arms of the devil, and yes, we all will account to God.  That is not a threat, it is a promise.  Shame on you. Stop the free-falling – you are destroying America, but far worse you are corrupting our youth.

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  1. I agree thematically, but not as to the genesis.

    This downward slide began when society was able to prioritize leisure activities above all else. When we didn’t have to work most of our waking hours to feed, clothe and house our families. We have, by and large, lost the ability – and the desire – to be self sufficient.

    We have devolved into a consumer-driven, disposable herd who becomes enraged when they cannot get instant gratification. [Very broadly speaking of course]

    I’m not as convinced that sexuality and personal notions of ‘decency and morality’ are drivers behind out current situation.

    Similar regarding religion. There are a multitude of reasons behind why church attendance and self-professed religious belief has fallen over the past few decades. And if students prone to prayer, can still pray in school…..has prayer really bee ‘removed’? I would say no.

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  2. Many of your examples, as CI partly noted, have been put forward by Americans for generations. Kevin Kruse noted in his book “One Nation Under God” that in response to the worries of the day that God was being left out of society, in the 50″s we saw President Eisenhower and others make a conscious move to “feature” God in more public ways. The Pledge of Allegiance was modified to add “under God”, the Washington Prayer Breakfast was initiated, God talk was everywhere.

    All in response to worries about the end times, Godless communism, socialism collectivism, lack of focus on Jesus, etc.

    I’d argue that we don’t need laws [as some argue to protect prayer in schools] to protect God or Christianity. We need more people dedicated to living life as Jesus put forth in his Sermon on the Mount.

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    1. We need more people dedicated to living life as Jesus put forth in his Sermon on the Mount.

      Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you will come to visit again. I could not agree more. We need to really focus on Jesus and act more Christ-like instead of carnally.


  3. There has always been a seedy side to life in America — because Americans are human. For most of our history, we pretended that such nonsense didn’t exist except, perhaps, down in the bowery or the red light district, where no decent person ever went. What’s changed, then? Have we embraced human sleaze? Is it worse today than before? You’d certainly think so if you watched 24/7 “news” or televised sitcoms with any frequency, which is why I don’t watch that stuff.

    I suppose I’m what you could call a cautious optimist. I think we are only one generation away from losing our liberty; I believe evil exists in the world. But I also think good will win out over evil. For me to believe this, I have to trust that there are more “good” people in the world than evil. The fact that our televised media seems to celebrate the muck is why I tune it out.

    I think God gave us the greatest gift of all: choice. We can choose to draw close to Him or distance ourselves. We can choose to achieve a higher plane or wallow in filth. In either case, the decision is ours. I’d rather celebrate God’s victories. If I don’t do that, then I acknowledge that evil is winning, and I simply don’t believe that.

    Thank you for a thought-provoking post today, Layla.

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  4. Hi Mustang and thank you so much.

    I think God gave us the greatest gift of all: choice. We can choose to draw close to Him or distance ourselves.

    The above is so true. We were given the gift of “choice.” We must choose God and Jesus and that my friend for me is choosing wisely.

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  5. EVERYTHING you said in this one, Liz! You hit SEVERAL nails on the head that I see and hear every day… day in and day out. I’m glad my parents aren’t here to see what has become of the world. The only thing keeping satan from a takeover is the Hand of the Restrainer… and the prayers and continuing works of love by His believers. Lord, just give us strength to keep doing Your Work! Amen! Blessings, Liz!

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