JESSE WATTERS: The New Coke of Politics

If you read AOC is stupid, you are wrong. She was very intelligent in school and her original job until she became a crony for the democratic party. AOC was the darling of the democrats and the future. Now no one gives her a blink. What are your thoughts of AOC’s gaffes, just as big as Bidens?

Most of her constituents remember her for killing 40,000 Amazon jobs or do not even know who she is. She has not done anything for her constituent and has not passed one bill. But do not criticize her. She will think you want to date here. It would be laughable, and it is, but she truly believes that. So much for AOC and her “Squad.”

6 thoughts on “JESSE WATTERS: The New Coke of Politics

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  1. I suppose if there’s room for Hank Johnson and Maxine Waters in Congress, then there has to be room for AOC, as well. It could be one of those “Murphy’s Laws.” You know … Whenever there is a positively worst person to sit in Congress, they’ll be overwhelmingly elected election cycle after election cycle. 🙂

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