Big Tobacco – Global Warming – Abortion

I have observed the many campaigns and ads against smoking. The countless number of whiners say that global warming is causing our atmosphere to decay. Yet no one is running ads against abortion. No ads telling the truth that abortion is the legalization of murder.

I certainly do understand the concern about smoking and taking care of our earth. So, what about the unborn child? I am not talking about a woman’s right to choose. I am talking about the murder of human life – the legalization of this despicable act.

It is wrong to abuse children, it is not only morally reprehensible but also illegal. Yet it is not wrong to kill an unborn child? What a dichotomy, what hypocrisy. While people are running around rampant shrilling the evils of smoking and secondhand smoke, and the Gore clones are shrieking about global warming and the “greenhouse” effect, countless thousands of unborn – unwanted babies are murdered on a daily basis just here in the United States alone.

When a society decides that it knows better than G-d, that society allows itself to become complacent and incompetent replacing moral honor with self-absorbed ideologies that have nothing to do with the good of any society.

Big tobacco and global warming are the issues to date, are so important that people will argue to death the right for a tobacco-free society, a sensitive society promoting global preparedness, yet not many, if any, want to discuss the moral decay wrought in our society and country brought about by legal abortion/legal murder.

It is no longer allowed in many public and even private places to light up. And we must conserve our energy by not using electricity needlessly – we must consider gas alternatives. But so many people do not think twice about the abuse of a baby before it is born-it is legally permissible to murder that unborn baby under the guises of laws that permit this atrocity. And no one is crying child abuse!

The morality of the world is in a state of decay. The insensitivity of the unborn baby is reprehensible. What is civilized by permitting murder legally of an unborn baby? This is not civilized but legal barbarism.

Think about that unborn child being murdered the next time you want to hall off on a smoker you see on a street corner because you believe “they are polluting our air” or ranting along with the Gore clones on “global warming.”

The United States Supreme Court has permitted the killing of a generation. There is blood on our hands. A society with a conscience, a society that truly values morality, and life would be more concerned about the latter than smoking and global warming. This says little to the testament of a civilized society and says nothing to support morality, which had now become a stagnant metaphor.

Kill the unborn child, but do not smoke in public, secondhand smoke is killing us. Don’t turn on those lights tonight we are creating a “greenhouse” effect. How sick is this? How repulsive and insensitive have we become.

God bless the child because our society that promotes being “for the kids” is the same society guilty of killing a generation through legal murder. Think about that the next time your neighbor casually tells you their daughter or niece had an abortion.

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  1. I suspect that media would not allow the purchase of anti-abortion advertisements.

    There has always been censorship of ideas that didn’t match the liberal agenda. They have always been intolerant of opposing ideas and willing to boycott/punish violators.

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  2. This is one of those topics that cannot be separated from one’s emotions. So, I won’t try. Looking at the statistics, it seems to me that overall, the number of abortions performed in our country, annually, is shrinking … from around 830 per year to about 620 per year. I don’t know why. In fact, I also do not know which or how many of the annual abortions were of “medical necessity,” or as a result of several classifications of rape. We also do not know about such events as miscarriages, or of those, how many were natural vs. artificially produced.

    But here’s something that we seem to never get around to discussing: the number of unwanted children raised by abusive mothers/parents, or other caregivers who completely detach themselves (physically and emotionally) from their unwanted child, or the cumulative effects of woeful circumstances that begin with emotional abandonment and extend fifteen or more years of physical and mental abuse, malnutrition (and associated diseases), left to wallow in unsanitary living conditions, subject to rat bites — all of which produce psychopathic and mentally destroyed adolescents, teens, and adults.

    By the way, throughout our country’s history, American parenthood has never been our shining star. It wasn’t too long ago that children running away from home (between the ages of 9 and 12) was common. Our society glossed over this reality about pathetic parenting by coming up with “missing children” on milk cartons, everyone assuming that they were kidnapped or part of a custody battle … when in reality, those tens of thousands of un-loved/unwanted children ran away from abusive home environments — and still our society chose to ignore it.

    When one considers the unbelievably high number of abused children in this country, the pain, and suffering imposed on children whom their mothers never wanted, and then thinks about the pain and suffering these poor misérables impose on others, as teens and adults in our dysfunctional society, then one might conclude that of the two, abortion is the more merciful and humane.

    I have no answers — but it does seem like a worthwhile discussion to have.

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    1. Very insightful comment. It makes me wonder why [though they had problems with funding, abuse and mismanagement as well] we can’t bring back orphanages? It’s fair to say that the foster system doesn’t typically work any better…and as Mustang points out, the number of unwanted/abused children seems to far outmatch the number of abortions.

      Might this be an option to reduce that number even further? It’s not my hill to die on, I don’t have a dog in this fight….but maybe food for thought?

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  3. It does beg the question of why we got rid of orphanages and outsourced children to foster care. They are abused more in foster care than in their own homes. There is money to be made in foster care much more money than in orphanages. I suspect money to be the root of all ills in this nation.


  4. It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d certainly donate to this brilliant blog! I suppose for now i’ll settle for bookmarking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to brand new updates and will talk about this website with my Facebook group. Chat soon!

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