WEEKEND EDITION: Your Thoughts On Biden’s Biggest Gaffes [and lies] of 2021: The LIAR-IN-CHIEF

Laugh or cry Biden’s gaffes have cost America our reputation. Watch the video and share your opinions as to what you believe are Biden’s biggest gaffes and lies.

The electorate elected a liar-in-chief because they hated the language of his running mate Trump. The electorate chose a liar with a habit of telling lies and bigger lies. They chose a liar-in-chief over a very successful president who had a habit of calling out the lies. The electorate got what they elected, a liar.

No gaffes here.

26 thoughts on “WEEKEND EDITION: Your Thoughts On Biden’s Biggest Gaffes [and lies] of 2021: The LIAR-IN-CHIEF

Add yours

    1. Just like Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and now Biden. As to Donald Trump, he at least kept this country in check. A good economy, drilling our own oil, a protected southern border, N. Korea and China in check, and Putin in his place. Did he lie about his personal life, I am sure, but he did not lie about the business of running this country. Leave it to good ole Joe to **** up!

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  1. I have been following the career of Joe Biden since around the mid-1970s, and I admit there were times when I thought he suffered from mythomania — compulsive lying. I no longer believe that because a pathological liar tells lies for no apparent reason. Joe does have a reason for telling lies: to get ahead in the world of politics. And, so far, it’s worked out in Joe’s favor.

    Joe’s problem and I think it is a serious one, is that he’s past the stage now where even he cannot separate fact from fiction. Moreover, I think he believes his own B.S. Whether this is in any way associated with his two brain injuries, I cannot say, but medical research suggests that frequent lying simply makes lying easier and more frequent. And, of course, there may be more than one pathology at work: systematic deception and the onset of dementia would certainly explain his confused state while standing at the microphone.

    Of course, we’re talking about Joe Biden, but that aside, lying to get ahead in politics is what politicians do. It’s the reason I have no use for those self-serving scum — no matter what their label. None of them would make an oozing blister on a dead soldier’s ass. But as for Joe, it is a pitiful thing to watch. Most Americans his age would be shunted off to an eldercare facility. Joe was pushed into the White House — which proves this truth: anyone can become President of the United States.

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    1. Excellent observation. Furthermore, he did right by the American people. He could not do all he wished due to left resistance and fake news, but he did much better than George W. Bush in my humble opinion as far as the state of the nation. He did not take us to war and it looks like the good ole fellows are up to just that, war, because it makes money.

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        1. Trump is vilified by the Left and put on a pedestal by the right. Biden is vilified by the Right and put on a pedestal by the Left.

          Is this a ‘sick society’, as I would contend…because so many Americans seem to live every facet of their lives, through an artificial [and intentional] construct of Left v. Right?

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        2. We simply aestheticize our epistemologies differently.

          from Slavoj Zizek’s “Repeating Lenin” – We live in the “postmodern” era in which truth-claims as such are dismissed as an expression of hidden power-mechanisms — as the reborn pseudo-Nietzscheans like to emphasize, truth is a lie which is most efficient in asserting our will to power. The very question, apropos of some statement, “Is it true?”, is supplanted by the question “Under what power conditions can this statement be uttered?”. What we get instead of the universal truth is the multitude of perspectives, or, as it is fashionable to put it today, of “narratives” — not only literature, but also politics, religion, science, they are all different narratives, stories we are telling ourselves about ourselves, and the ultimate goal of ethics is to guarantee the neutral space in which this multitude of narratives can peacefully coexist, in which everyone, from ethnic to sexual minorities, will have the right and possibility to tell his story. THE two philosophers of today’s global capitalism are the two great Left-liberal “progressives,” Richard Rorty and Peter Singer — honest in their consequent stance. Rorty defines the basic coordinates: the fundamental dimension of a human being is the ability to suffer, to experience pain and humiliation — consequently, since humans are symbolic animals, the fundamental right is the right to narrate one’s experience of suffering and humiliation

          And the Left often cede’s its’ subjective position (whiteness) for what it likes to claim is a “universal” race-neutral position and thereby believing itself to have arrived at a “universal truth”. The Right refuses to cede it’s subjective position for it also has an ethical right to “tell it’s own narrative”, one devoid of all the “white privilege” Leftists arrogantly confer upon them from the “hidden power mechanisms” that to their mind invalidate any and all class-based claims of suffering and/ or humiliation.

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        3. Zizek continues… This, then, is what gets lost in Singer’s “geistige Tierreich”: the Thing, something to which we are unconditionally attached irrespective of its positive qualities. In Singer’s universe, there is a place for mad cows, but no place for an Indian sacred cow. In other words, what gets lost here is simply the dimension of truth — NOT “objective truth” as the notion of reality from a point of view which somehow floats above the multitude of particular narratives, but truth as the Singular Universal.” When Lenin said “The theory of Marx is all-powerful, because it is true,” everything depends on how we understand “truth” here: is it a neutral “objective knowledge,” or the truth of an engaged subject? Lenin’s wager — today, in our era of postmodern relativism, more actual than ever — is that universal truth and partisanship, the gesture of taking sides, are not only not mutually exclusive, but condition each other: in a concrete situation, its UNIVERSAL truth can only be articulated from a thoroughly PARTISAN position — truth is by definition one-sided. This, of course, goes against the predominant doxa of compromise, of finding a middle path among the multitude of conflicting interests. If one does not specify the CRITERIA of the different, alternate, narrativization, then this endeavor courts the danger of endorsing, in the Politically Correct mood, ridiculous “narratives” like those about the supremacy of some aboriginal holistic wisdom, of dismissing science as just another narrative on a par with premodern superstitions. The Leninist narrative to the postmodern multiculturalist “right to narrate” should thus be an unashamed assertion of the right to truth. When, in the debacle of 1914, all European Social Democratic parties (with the honorable exception of the Russian Bolsheviks and the Serb Social Democrats) succumbed to the war fervor and voted for the military credits, Lenin’s thorough rejection of the “patriotic line,” in its very isolation from the predominant mood, designated the singular emergence of the truth of the entire situation.

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  2. I see a demented creep. He is CREEPY. Leave the women and kids alone, you CREEP. And whispering? For real? I don’t know which is creepier. His outbursts and calling Americans names and actually using swear words… no president should ever speak that way to the people he SERVES… the people he is SUPPOSED to SERVE. And lies lies lies lies LIES. All of his gaffes have become so annoying I can barely stand to read or hear anything from or about him. He shows all the same signs of dementia that my husband does. Jill and the white house staff are criminals committing ELDERLY ABUSE. Ugh he makes me sick. Oh, and Jill is the tackiest first lady ever. … There, did I give you enough for the survey? LOL!

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    1. I agree with you on all points. Creep is the best description of him yet, Diana! I am sorry your husband has dementia and I too think it is criminal of Jill Biden to sit on national television for an interview and tell the American people that Biden is “just fine.” Really? She must think American’s are dumb. I wonder how much they are paying her to lie because she is in collusion with someone.

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  3. @Constitutional Insurgent, I agree with you. But you and I did not make this up our politicians divided themselves and we are left with all the fallout. Just look at what we have in the WH and what is going on in the US. Disgusting. Both right and left created this mess and anyone with half a brain would be foolish not to admit that.

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    1. Oh, I agree….the two major parties created this paradigm [with the agreement to exclude any others]….but as easy as it is to merely blame the politicians or the media [collaborators and Quislings]….it’s the American voter of elects them and consumes the media output.

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      1. The majority of voters voted in good faith, but our votes at the end of the day are worthless. As to the media, yes, Americans eat it up like the American pie and do not think for themselves let alone research. Just let the media tell you how to think, groupthink, and who to vote for, just because they say so. It has become a BIG business now.


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