The US and UN Handing Out Money On Debit Cards To Illegals

Judicial Watch is reporting that illegals are getting debit bank cards. Many nonprofit work centers that aid illegal immigrants around the nation are now offering a special debit card for those who lack the identification papers required to open bank accounts in the United States.

This is apparently a first-time program, which was launched a few months back by a nonprofit immigrant work center in New Jersey called New Labor. Several others have popped up in its lead. The center in New Jersey has distributed 300 cards and copycat establishments in Southern California, and Chicago has initiated the program and vowed to just give thousands of illegal aliens these debit cards loaded with our money.

The new debit card, called Sigo (which combines the Spanish word for yes with go) requires just one form of identification from the applicant’s home country. It could be a Mexican birth certificate or “matricula” card issued by the country’s consulate. The Sigo card, which is affiliated with MasterCard, even has a bilingual website and toll-free number to assist applicants.

Promoters brag about how the new card enables immigrants without checking accounts or credit cards to keep their cash somewhere safer than beneath their mattresses. Their goal is to make the cards available to tens of thousands of illegal immigrants at 140 worker centers throughout the U.S. in the next few years.”

Sadly, the majority of these centers are nonprofits that don’t pay taxes and possibly receive financial aid from their city, county, state, and even the federal government. Nonetheless, they reward and assist those individuals who have violated our nation’s federal laws. To compound this situation and make it worse, the United Nations is handing out $800 debit cards to illegal migrant families in Mexico heading to the US. This is absolutely sickening.

We have homeless in our streets, a food supply shortage, a supply chain shortage, we were raised to work if we want to eat and have anything worthwhile in this life. Of course, we should help our own less fortunate as we have all had rough patches. We should have compassion for those in need, but those that break our laws, come here illegally and have their hand out because they believe they are entitled to gratis (free) money need to be deported out of our nation.

I am not rich, never was, never will be. I have needed help in my lifetime but I do not expect anyone to hand anything to me. No one owes me anything. When I could work for my money I did and I did it legally and I did not invade another nation illegally to do it. If you try that in Mexico you get 25 years to life.

In conclusion, we keep working hard to maintain the life we have worked for, and all the while we toil they give these illegal immigrants/migrants our tax money for free. This is what Biden and Harris are doing. This is the new United States of America. If I had the means I might just leave the country and move elsewhere because I am so fed up. I thought charity began at home to help our own, not those that break laws and cross our borders, and now the UN has involved itself. The above photo is from the UN. Proof that the American people are duped and used and thrown out like trash for illegal immigrants/migrants.

Our government can elicit that kind of money for illegal immigrants/migrants, but they fought tooth and nail with each other to give the US citizenry the first, second, and third stimulus checks. I wonder what Senator Manchin (D) has to say about this or was he hoping this little secret would never become told? Maybe this is why Senator Krysten Sinema (D) gets so much hell? She works for her constituents. Whatever the reason this government thinks it can help these illegals, it needs to stop. How about doing this for the US homeless for a change and building more housing and shelters for them to live in like you do for the illegals? At least most of our homeless are Americans here legally. That is a novel idea if our government is bent on just giving our money away. Give that money to our own people and stop bleeding us.

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  1. Just thinking about what those town hall meetings may have looked like in 1783. I imagine that they were at least “lively exchanges” of a wide range of opinions with a few fistfights thrown in to give folks something to talk about while examining ears of corn at the farmer’s market. But time changes everything. It’s impossible to have democracy in a nation of 330 or-so-million citizens. We’ve evolved to the point where the government just does what it wants, secure in the knowledge that “we the people” is a myth that hasn’t worked out well (for the people) at any point in our history. At best, we get to cast a ballot every two years, but only within a 12-hour time frame — and that’s about the extent of “by the people.”

    As for the issue of tax and spending, there are two perspectives. Some people, we’ll call them taxpayers, believe that it’s THEIR money, and government should act as a good steward of it by spending it wisely, judiciously, for the common good and within the enumerated powers of the federal government. Those taxpayers … comedians, all.

    The government has a different perspective. Once taxes are assessed, they become the government’s property — and they will spend it as they see fit. So, “taking” the money isn’t theft, and using it for ludicrous programs isn’t misappropriation. From the government’s point of view, the people ought to just shut the hell up and stop embarrassing themselves by making demands they have no right to make.

    Oh, and if anyone needed proof that their taxes belong to the government — try not paying your taxes and see what happens. As for how the government spends that money … it’s none of your business.

    Elections do have consequences.

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  2. I am not sure where you stand. Are you saying this is a good idea? No, the money is not coming from their backpacks, it is coming from nonprofits. Though some do have money. Why be so gratuitous to those that break our laws and enter illegally? I have sympathies for the poor and homeless and yes, we should care for them. Unless you have lived a lavishly, or a decedent life, and never went hungry with no money as I have at certain points through the course of years, of course, you may not relate to those less fortunate. Many of those homeless are vets with mental health issues. But for money’s sake, the US does not really care about its vets who sacrificed so much just so you and I can discuss the issue here.


  3. Thank you, but that is not really my forte. My goal in the podcasts embedded is for those who cannot or will not read due to laziness, or even vision issues can simply click and listen to the content here. I am not trying to amass an audience. Spotify is just one of the systems used by Anchor and they automatically go there so I just threw it together. I really don’t care if people on Spotify listen. They can just come here. Like I said above the podcast is just for those visiting here to have a choice, read or listen. 🙂


    1. I would rather read than listen! I don’t like to watch anyone’s video, really (except our pastor’s sermon messages and a few hings like that). I appreciate that you take the time to WRITE your articles, Liz!

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      1. Diana it is audio to hear/listen, no video. You would hear the female voice I chose. It is for people who rather listen than read. Everyone has their preference and I am about choices! Thank you for the compliment. I have always been a writer, especially politics, constitutional law as I am a contract paralegal. Writing comes in play there a lot.


  4. There needs to be ZERO financial incentive to illegally enter this country. Indicting employers is one area where we’ve willfully come up short.

    If a non-profit provides money to illegal immigrants….they’re aiding and abetting a criminal act….and should be treated accordingly.

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  5. There needs to be ZERO financial incentive to illegally enter this country. Indicting employers is one area where we’ve willfully come up short.

    If a non-profit provides money to illegal immigrants….they’re aiding and abetting a criminal act….and should be treated accordingly.

    I definitely agree with you on that. There should be no incentives at all. What does that tell those that came here legally? What a poor example the US has made of itself.

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