Putin’s Plan Unfolding – U.S. Taking Action

Russia is increasing movements with troops well over 100,000. It is reported that this will be a bloody invasion. The U.S. not planning to go into Ukraine to fight but will bolster NATO nations and possibly Romania.

Russia and the U.S. are at a critical moment in time. The U.S. is pushing Russia not to invade Ukraine. The Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Geneva, Switzerland as the U.S. hopes to stave off a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Kremlin has troops literally on Kyiv’s doorstep. However, Russia continues to deny invasion. Their actions are speaking louder than their seemingly empty words. Neither Blinken nor Lavrov expects a breakthrough or solutions. This is more of a standoff for now.

Biden stupidly stated, “It depends on what it does. It’s one thing if it’s a minor incursion and we end up having to fight about what to do and not do.” Biden said this at a news conference last Wednesday to mark a horrific first year in office.

His comments drew quick criticism from Washington to Kyiv. There were some accusing Biden of giving Russia the go-ahead to launch an attack. Biden was quick to clarify his comments last Thursday, saying that any Russian troop movement into Ukraine would be seen as an invasion. Some might believe these are just empty words coming from a man that speaks nonsensically about matters at home let alone foreign matters. Russians know Biden is unhinged and weak – the U.S.’s moronic paper tiger.

Blinken met with Ukraine’s president in Kyiv and top diplomats from Britain, France, and Germany in Berlin last week. Blinken met with Lavrov as a last-ditch effort for dialogue and communication. No real progress came of these meetings.

Nonetheless, Russia continues to insist upon binding security guarantees, not limited to a permanent prohibition on Ukrainian membership in NATO. Russia is also demanding the removal of most of the U.S. and allied military presence in eastern Europe. That should never happen, but under the auspices of the Biden administration one cannot know for sure and this makes our nation not just look weak, but feeble.

The U.S. and our European allies say that they are willing to consider certain less-dramatic gestures but that the Russian demands are out of the question and that Putin knows that they will lead nowhere. Putin is playing Russian roulette and one cannot believe anything the man says or promises nor any one of his emissaries. So now this begs the question; will we see Putin invade Ukraine? Or, will we here in the U.S. see wartime once more?

печальные дни впереди.

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    1. I don’t blame you one bit for being glad you are out of the D.C. area. You are not selfish and I would never even think of that word to describe you. You are human and normal. I too want to be out of this area for a myriad of reasons. I am just here for another year and God willing I am moving back to the midwest. There truly is not much good here in the mid-Atlantic and I’ve noted it offers little to families without means. The Metro area is a hodgepodge of people from all walks of life and the atmosphere is cold and disingenuous. I do not want to live the next twenty years of my life here. It’s not people-friendly unless of course you are born and raised here then of course it is completely different because you have roots. I’d of gone to Alaska before this area, but you know my children are here. Sigh… I am happy you are not here, but wow I would have loved to come over for some of Warren’s pot roast! LOL! 🙂

      Yes, it does seem we are headed towards war. I do not want that, but if necessary so be it.

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