Biden Called Peter Doocy From Fox News An SOB

After Doocy had asked questions about Ukraine and inflation the president had lashed out with expletives. Doocy himself did not hear it and it was other members of the press that informed him. News traveled fast and Fox’s “The Five” made sure to interview Doocy about the whole debacle.

Since yesterday Joe Biden had called Peter Doocy to apologize and rightly so. Biden supposedly called to “clear the air,” according to Doocy. Biden told Doocy that his comments were “nothing personal” and encouraged Doocy to continue asking about different topics than the rest of the press corps.  How generous of Biden, what a joke.

Yet the rest of the left-winged media is writing about this matter and making fun of Doocy and disparaging remarks. Yes, Trump was right, the CNN’s and MSNB’s of this world are “fake news.”

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  1. I would certainly agree that the remark wasn’t very ‘Presidential’. But we’ve seen that bar lower down to the ground and roll under the couch. Biden’s predecessor called Chuck Todd a ‘sleeping son of a bitch’, and accused Joe Scarborough of murder [among multiple other utterances]. This is just where are today. Genuine or not, at least Biden apologized.

    This is a non-story for me, since the outrage at these sorts of antics just switches sides depending on who’s in office.


  2. It is a story if you think so or not. Doocy like him or not is a member of the press. Biden’s gaffs are irrefutable and his apology was warranted, though I give that man credit for nothing except imploding our economy, decimating our supply chain, screwing up COVID-19 protocols, and the list goes on…Afghanistan, the southern border, inflation. He will go down in history as America’s worst president and rightfully so.


    1. The difference my friend is that when Trump said it it was true. You know as well as I do that CNN and MSNBC spin everything and report falsehoods. I do not believe Fox News to be without fault, they too live in their glasshouses, but they are more honest, not necessarily always fair or balanced, but honest.


  3. No matter how you want to spin it the left is horrible, their lies, I am sure the Clinton’s are behind Epstein’s so-called suicide (another topic for another day) but to the point, mainstream media and above stated cable news networks are garbage and sell “fake news.”


    1. Perhaps, but why does Trump get a pass from his base on a murder allegation…..but Biden doesn’t for saying “son of a bitch” [also something Trump said]?

      I don’t play cable news bingo…they’re all worthless in my estimation.


  4. Years ago … and I mean a lot of years ago, we had in our unit the “battle of the legals.” The legal officer (LO) was a bit of a dick, and his legal clerk (LC) imagined that he was ready for a seat on the Supreme Court. So, when the LO criticized LC over some minor thing dealing with charge sheets, perhaps coming on a bit too strong, the LC took offense to the LO’s demeanor and muttered “You son of a bitch.” This probably happens a lot in the military, but in this case, the “mutter” was audible and the LO heard it.

    Since the utterance was insubordinate, LO charged LC under the UCMJ and the matter went to nonjudicial punishment. LC then exercised his right to demand a court-martial and the CO dutifully referred the matter to a summary court.

    Meanwhile, LC conducted an amazingly thorough research of LO’s background and discovered that LO was born out of wedlock and was, therefore a de facto son-of-a-bitch. This evidence was produced at the trial. LC sat somewhat smugly at the defense table expecting acquittal — owing to the fact that he merely spoke the truth about LO.

    The trial judge acknowledged the extremely thorough research conducted by LC (including LO’s birth certificate showing that there was no father of record). Unfortunately for LC, the trial judge also ruled that the truth had no bearing on the charge, which was insubordination — and found LC guilty as charged.

    LC lost two stripes and spent 30 days in confinement. LO was reassigned out of the unit, everyone lived happily ever after, and I walked away with a classic sea story to share with my friends.

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  5. Actually, my post was never making a comparison between the left and the right. I merely pointed out how the left was using it for fodder as usual, but dare any person were to speak ill of one of their own all hell breaks loose, and the viscousness and venom begins. I would not walk through the fire for any President from the second half of the twentieth century or those in the first twenty years of the twenty-first. They were and have all become useful fools.


    1. What I liked about Trump was that he ran the nation like a business and we all finally had some room to breathe. Our finances were freed up with lower gas prices, the food chain and supply chain kept moving. Nothing stood still. He did not make catastrophic decisions like the southern border and Afghanistan. Finally, we were no longer bowing down in the Saudi thrown rooms of oil. All that is gone with Biden. It is over.

      My angst with Trump was his mouth and rudeness knew no bounds and had no end, and finally the culmination of all his words that swept a people to become insurrectionists last January 6, 2021. He is at fault for that and he did not care that our Vice-President Pence, was following the Constitution and doing what was right. I lost my respect for Trump, Guiliani, and Ted Cruz’s part that day due to his prior weekend rally. Shame on them all and good for Liz Channey for standing up against them. His actions were his will, not the will of the people.


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