[UPDATE] HOT TOPIC: Wars and Rumors of War – Poll and Open Discuss

When you vote you will see the responses immediately and it will revert to the poll for those coming in after.

Let’s discuss this under the terms; we agree to disagree. Have at it!

14 thoughts on “[UPDATE] HOT TOPIC: Wars and Rumors of War – Poll and Open Discuss

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  1. Well, IMO, war should always be a strategy of last resort. I’ve seen too much of it, and its costs in terms of human suffering. And besides that, the U.S. hasn’t won a war since 1945, so maybe we should be looking for other ways to avoid conflicts. We could begin that process by re-examining George Washington’s sage advice: avoid foreign entanglements. Ukraine has been playing us like a fiddle since 1992, which if anything at all proves how incompetent our State Department is.

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    1. I agree with your premise 100%. Having said that I am not sure I would shy away from war if it comes to that. Let’s hope it does not Mustang. War always includes collateral damage on many levels. I just hate the idea of Russia taking over Ukraine. It is so wrong.

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      1. I agree with you, Layla. I fear that what we are seeing unfold is two bulls in a china shop, neither one having enough smarts to figure out a better way. The world continues to be a very dangerous place. It is something that the American voter should think carefully about before electing their president. The stakes, as we have seen, are extraordinarily high.

        Thanks for doing this poll.

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  2. The only thing I would add to Mustang’s post, is that as a military….we’re still recovering from a solid two decades primarily concentrating on counter-insurgency and low-intensity conflicts. There has been a recent, renewed emphasis on conventional force-on-force [State v. State] warfare at the National/Joint Training Centers…..but only a fraction of our forces have had the chance to recommit to this type of training.

    In short, aside from the very real obstacles of deploying enough forces to make any sort of difference, and in time to do anything before Ukraine capitulates…..we’re really not ready for this type of conflict. We do an extreme disservice to our Armed Forces, committing them to this conflict.

    The above also ignores the psychological state of our military, with regard to suicides and PTSD. Were we attacked, these issues would not be barriers, as all hands would fight until the biter end, if need be. But that is not the paradigm we find ourselves in.

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  3. I cannot verify this, but my father told me if it were not for the Brits showing Americans what to do and helping them during WW11 the Americans would have been decimated. He was in a camp as a young teen. My father was in the subcamp of Flossenburg, at Ansbach in Nuremberg during WW11. He and his family suffered immensely.

    So having said this, I am not so sure our military these days is up to snuff because of changes in codes, policies, letting the “ferries” and “trans” in not to mention allowing the practice of the Wiccan religion. So much has changed for the worse. Ours is a great military and I respect all vets. My dad was a vet of the Korean War and my husband is a vet (in after Nam). So I have no doubt you and Mustang know what you speak of. I am concerned because my father was originally from Lithuania and God forbid all Baltic States are lost to Russia.

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    1. I’m quite certain you’ll find some Brits who would say that…..but they weren’t “showing us the ropes” in the Pacific Theater. It’s typical bluster, not unlike uttered by Americans [“you Brits would be speaking German, if not for us”]

      Tucker Carlson-esque ravings aside, their is no detriment to military readiness due to gay Citizens serving openly, or fairly scant number of servicemembers practicing Wicca. The ‘woke military’ trope is manufactured mainly by those [like Tucker for example] who couldn’t be bothered to serve. Certain social endeavors have little place in the military, and should be under careful watch. But I can say with intimate experience, that the threat is nowhere near what it’s made out to be in certain commentariat circles.

      I agree with your concern over the Baltic’s, but in that regard, Putin would be the actor inviting World War III, given their membership in NATO.

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      1. Thanks for all the clarification. I appreciate it. I am not fond of Tucker Carlson. Like most media people they live in glass houses. Regarding Putin, he does not care. I consider him a psychopath that would not care if WW111 began, especially if he was the cause. He is an arrogant man to say the least.

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        1. I didn’t mean to associate Tucker’s views with yours…..I was just picking an example that came to mind, of where the rhetoric comes from.

          As well, I don’t want to imply that you should take my word on the state of the military. There will be those who disagree with me….and a considered opinion should come from multiple sources.

          I hope your wrong about Putin, but you could be correct. I don’t think he’d risk everything to attack NATO….but we’ve seen these things happen throughout history before……

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  4. For the record, I voted “unsure.” I voted that way because there are a few factors we don’t yet know. How far will Putin go? I do believe that there must be some point at which we say, “Enough!” and go to war. But, as Mustang always points out, war should be the last resort.

    Well, enough of all this darkness for a little while. I’m going to go read the novel I’ve just started and am greatly enjoying: The Paris Library. This novel may well speak to our time and these terrible days of Putin’s apparent desire to build a Russian Power Bloc — even if he has to decimate the people living in Ukraine and take on NATO (or the USA).

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  5. Well, escape away from all this darkness. I just finished cooking dinner and will now relax with my muse, Mary Higgins Clark. I love her mystery/thriller books. I am reading “All Around Town.” Great escape from this trying reality. I used to like James Patterson, and I still love his older books and series, but he pumps them out now like candy and I cannot keep up. He has a co-writer as did Mary Higgins Clark before her death.


  6. Putin does not think like the rest of us, not even our diplomats. He is a former KGB. He saw defeat when Mikhail Gorbachev “tore down the walls” and conceded to then-President Reagan. He wants not just Ukraine back, but all the Baltic States and he will try to take each one, one by one. The man is uncannily brilliant but deceptive, cunning, and evil. He wants USSR to stand once again. He may appear to be taking his time because why invade in the winter, but that is what he wants the U.S. and our allies to believe – and then like a stealth tiger he will attack in the night when no one expects him to. U.S. diplomats and our allies are wasting words on the Russians. They hear us, they just won’t listen anymore. Just watch.


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