Saturday Edition: Biden’s Incompetancy

We have all known for a long time that Joe Biden is gone. It is not a matter of being dumb or gaffs, he is mentally gone. He is suffering no doubt from dementia and sadly while American media plays the “he’s okay game” the rest of the world notices. We notice. The above video is from Sky News in Australia.

It is pathetic as pointed out in the video that when Donald Trump was walking down a ramp slowly the left perverted media was all over that. Questioning if Trump would be competent to run the nation and speculating he was ill. Double standards will drown this nation and personally, I believe most Americans feel as if we are drowning under the Biden Administration.

It has been one huge catastrophe after another under this administration. I don’t need to tell everyone but it needs to be said. The food supply chain, the personal needs supply chain, the car supply chain, yes, according to my son many dealers do not have cars in the Metro D.C. area. He finally bought one, but it took a bit. The supply chain period is a mess. It was only two days ago that the longtime promised COVID website was launched. The economy is a shambles and according to Joe Manchin, we will not see or feel any reprieve for possibly a year and a half to two years from now.

Just thinking about Afghanistan makes my blood boil. Yes, perhaps Afghanistan was always doomed to end up back in the hands of the Taliban, but Biden gave them our Intel our weapons. The Russians are salivating and planning to get their filthy hands on it all the while plotting with the Taliban. Stupid, just stupid and to think Biden’s administration did not stop this, is unfathomable. I believe they, the socialists within created this and all Biden is – is a puppet, because we know he is definitely not the puppet master.

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  1. I agree that Biden is teetering on the edge of dementia, and I don’t think his predecessor is far behind. Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we insist that our only viable choices to stand at the helm of this once great nation, are two geriatric Statists bent on prolonging party power over the good of the Republic?

    But the Afghanistan weapons issue is a trope. Nobody is salivating to get their hands on the export versions of military hardware, except to fill military museum spaces. And what the Taliban acquired wasn’t ‘ours’….it was the Afghan National Security Forces. Gifted to them with hardly a shot fired in many cases.

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    1. I do agree I do not understand this insanity of why Americans keep voting for geriatric disturbed demented people like Biden and Harris. Trump or Bush would never have let that happen.

      As to the Afghanistan weapons issue being trope. I do not agree but let us all hope that it does not turn out as bad as is being reported. Our media spins everything, hence why I get much of my news out of England and Australia. Not that their countries are so great either, but their media is not as corrupt, though they are on their way too.


  2. Yes, clearly Biden is in the throes of some form of dementia. Anyone denying it is clearly not seeing the reality before their very eyes.

    I have some sympathy for him — but not much because of the national and international insecurity he poses and all the damage he is doing to our republic.

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    1. I agree Aow but I wonder if he realizes that. He seems out of it. His press conference made his gaffs look stellar. I do feel bad for him because my mother suffers from dementia and he has every sign she does. It is a terrible illness. Our media is making up news that he is just fine. If my mom was in his place she probably would bearly speak right and would parrot what is told her. They are using him.


  3. The more I see Dementia Joe wandering from one area of his non-working brain to another… no one stopping him from talking, no one doing anything to get rid of him… the more I think they are ALL demented. I can’t even stand to look at him anymore. He became irrelevant long ago. Ugh. We are such a laughingstock. smh But hey, I liked the news ladies’ reporting! LOL!

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