Psaki Spin Zone

Jen Psaki sure knows how to spin it. This was the worst ever interview I have ever seen on Fox News. Bill Hemmer trying to get tough along with Dana Perino yet both fell short and the spin was disgusting. Psaki gets too much air time as it is. Sure it’s a rare event when the left come on Fox News but this interview was ridiculous. They should have done better than this but I guess Fox told them “play nice.”

Psaki would not commit to anything regarding COVID or mask-wearing. After the first three minutes, I was waiting for Hemmer who is usually pretty tough to really go after her about the Ukraine and Russia, but he let that slip into the spin zone. Even when presented with statistics and facts Psaki managed to keep the usual smirk on her face. This is a woman who cannot be straight-faced during a serious conversation. Perino was trying hard to look like “I’ve got this” but like Hemmer she too let it slip into the spin zone.

What happened to the truth and how about NO spin zone? Just once? This interview was a YES spin zone. Never thought I would see it but I always said you cannot be fair and balanced because somewhere along the way you are sleeping with the enemy. Well people, you just watched it here. Talk about that.

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