Tax Mayhem and Breaches In Our Private Lives

I have been doing our family taxes for years. I went to classes some years back at H&R Block, which was awesome. I went to work several years in a row for Liberty. I truly enjoyed helping people, which is why I was not only doing it for myself and my family but getting paid for it. That was a while ago when things were still good after the year 2000 and it was still a much simpler and kinder time than now. The government was not the impediment it has become, nor the nanny state it definitely now is.

Last evening I spent five hours on my taxes. That is totally unheard of. I typically finish within two hours. For some that is warp speed because there are those that need you to truly spend hours on their returns. That being said, it was not for my lack of knowledge but I had to use three different online e-filers. Typically when doing my taxes I will use one of the ones located and suggested at the IRS. That is just my preference and it works for my family’s needs. No problem ever, but not this year. It was disastrous.

The first software site I used gave me a runaround asking questions that did not even pertain to filing taxes. I am speaking about questions that are personal and would be too much information. Honestly, the questions were an invasion into our private lives. However, we all know that this government now has the 411 on us all. Yet still, they persisted with their insane questions so I just logged out of that mess.

The second software was totally rigged. I cannot explain how software that is designed to be simple for even a person with an eighth-grade level of education that can guide one through it easily was completely debunked. Believe me when I am telling you if you are doing your own taxes be aware of the software out there now because it may be leading you down a path you do not intend for.

On to the third software, that was a breeze. It was like what I was used to. But then, even after I must have checked my taxes for the tenth time, it claimed I had errors. I have never ever had errors. I was receiving a refund, but there were errors. So as any sane person would do I went back and corrected whatever they claimed was wrong and honestly, I could find no mistakes but I made some adjustments. All good, and all legal. At the end, when all was good, I realized now I was no longer getting a refund, but at least this slick software had not done the opposite and had me paying the already thriving or better put thieving IRS.

After five hours I had enough and decided to write about my experience. I am proficient in taxes just as I am a proficient contract paralegal in criminal law and litigation, but when the system is rigged there is no proficiency, just mayhem, and stupidity. All I could do at ten-thirty in the evening after five hours of this lunacy was finish off my mint tea that my husband was so good to prepare for me, albeit it sat there for hours but I drank it cold. That is how I felt towards this government, it’s changing the tax forms to their own benefits and for those most wealthy amongst us. Cold just like the IRS. Better have some hand warmers on standby and a warm tall cup of tea or even a latte to keep you awake. It was truly insane this year and I have never experienced anything like this before. I suspect it will only become worse as more Americans file their taxes. Maybe go to H&R Block or Liberty. This year it was not worth doing it myself. Good luck to all doing their taxes you are all in for one heck of a ride so hold on tight.

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  1. Though I enjoy the relative ease of using a certain tax software & e-file…….I’d say that one of the biggest impediments for a reform of the tax code [flat tax, fair tax, etc….] are exactly those companies [Intuit, H&R, etc…], in their lobbying role.

    Aside from the special interests of various elected Representatives, that is.

    How many would go out of business with a tax code that required no math and frustration from the taxpayer?

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  2. I am sure many would go out of business. I was speaking to the middle class, average income, and just how they have found ways to cheat people out of their return. It appears since we have that imbecile Biden and Harris is office everything has gone downhill.


  3. I hear ya, Elizabeth! I spent hours working on my taxes last night — and I’m barely started. Questionnaires galore! 😥

    I use an accounting firm, expensive but worth it because my tax return always has complicating factors, and the firms uses Tax Caddy, to which I became accustomed and fluent last year. But filing this year is going to be one big hassle. All these apply:

    1) widowed on March 4
    2) sale of primary residence in Virginia on August 2
    3) purchase of new home in Indiana on August 6
    4) closure of my Virginia tutoring service in August 21
    5) remarriage on August 28
    6) move to Indiana on September 11

    I’m reasonably certain that I don’t owe IRS one single dime, but all sorts of forms have to be completed. 😡

    And the move complicates things regarding bank statements and closed bank accounts. The banks involving closed bank accounts don’t have my new mailing address.

    Thank the Lord that I’m pretty well retired, or I’d never be able to get all this done!

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  4. Exactly and you do have a unique situation as I do well know. My concern for you is Virginia, they are pulling out the works to eek money from people this year. I barely dodged the bullet and I thank God although some money, even a small amount on either return would have been nice, it is much better than paying the federal or state anything. I am also concerned that they may try to get some closing taxes out of your Virginia tutoring services. That said, Virginia is scandalous this year. I hope they do not charge a death tax regarding Mr. AOW. This government like those around the world has no heart. Can you imagine we have to pay taxes for the deceased? I’ve had it explained to me but to me, it is morally wrong. Now if that person owed taxes from when they were alive, not because they died, that is different of course. This country’s god is money! 😦


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