AOC Has Covid

By now everyone knows, or maybe not, that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has COVID-19. In the picture above she is maskless in a large crowd at a Miami drag bar. AOC hugged various people in a crowded space, while telling people across the U.S. that we shouldn’t socialize even on holidays? She later tested positive.

Of course, she, fortunately, did not have a bad case of COVID-19 being that she is young and fit. I wish no one illness but this is where I hope she asked herself “why did I not do as I say.” We won’t count on that though, will we? Does any one of us actually believe she would humble herself? Of course not. AOC sadly is too pompous to ever admit she was wrong about COVID-19 or anything else for that matter. She believes she is an entitled prima donna that both democrats and republicans want her. Her mind is nothing less than a brothel of insane thoughts, but she of course would brush it off as “COVID brain fog.” She insulted Governor DeSantis of Florida whose 41-year-old wife is battling breast cancer to make things worse.

AOC will take aim and fire at any republican she and does not care what she says or who she hurts with her vile tongue. For her it’s sexual, the republicans want her. If this is what the “Women’s Movement” has produced I don’t want any part of it.

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