Heightened Ransomeware Attacks

For many years ransomware attacks have been happening around the world. This is nothing new, however, the immensity and number of these attacks are getting absurd and growing daily. In Florida, a hospital was attacked by ransomware, which could have been devastating if it were not for some quick-witted people.

The emergency room of Jackson Hospital, which consists of a 100-bed facility on Florida’s panhandle, reported that it was unable to connect to the charting system that doctors used by doctors to look up patients’ medical histories. Jackson Hospital’s IT director realized that the charting software, which was maintained by an outside vendor, was infected with ransomware. The hospital shut down its computer systems on the advice of the IT director as they realized time was not on their side before the virus would infect their whole system network and spread throughout the hospital as a whole. The staff then reverted back to pens, paper, and charts to initiate patient care.

Jackson Hospital is only one of many hospitals across the nation to deal with ransomware attacks, which has cost the sector thousands upon thousands of dollars. The increase of ransomware in part is due to the pandemic where there have been heightened alerts across the nation calling for network and software protections.

These attacks are not only costing money but affecting lives. Patients are diverted to other hospitals and emergency rooms, not to mention that people on chemotherapy have experienced some severe delays. At Jackson Hospital The attackers encrypted a computer server that is used to store non-critical organizational documents. At this time the hospital is trying to figure out if any patient information has been stolen and what they would have to pay to get it back.

What a horrid situation this has become across the nation affecting thousands of hospitals and patients. It is reprehensible that they must pay to retrieve data that was stolen. Why have we not had internet laws changed and updated for 25 years? I suspect it is about money, the bottom line is always money. A sad state of affairs here in the United States.

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  1. Don’t be surprised if we learn that Biden’s NSA is doing the hacking as part of his dirty political tricks campaign. If they can do the Trump dossier, they’re capable of anything.

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