Covid-19 Survey – Interesting Results and Responses

I decided after the new year I would do a survey asking various questions about mask-wearing and what you thought about the COVID-19 vaccine. I have only been back politically writing again for a little over a month, so I was not surprised that I did not receive a huge response, but nonetheless a response. That was encouraging.

I found out that a fellow friend and blogger is allergic to the makeup of the mRNA because vaccines are almost live. I noted with that statement that when the media began villainizing the non-vaccinated they failed repeatedly if ever to mention those that were not vaccinated due to allergy. It would only be fair to report this aspect because not all unvaccinated people refused just because they did not believe the efficacy involved in producing the vaccine. I honestly cannot say I totally blame them because this vaccine was produced at warped speed.

I also found it annoying when the media would go into the hospitals and interview medical workers not limited to doctors and nurses but many of the non-medical staff and ask them how they felt about the surge in cases again. Literally, they would ask these professionals if they were angry at patients for not getting the vaccine. The majority of the time doctors, nurses, and staff said they were very angry at these people but it was their job to care for them. One doctor said he had no sympathy for people without the vaccine. I find that sad. Medical professionals or not should have empathy and some humanity towards the ill instead of making calculating judgments against them and feeding the media more coal to stoke the fire.

To my results regarding COVID-19 vaccines and mask-wearing see your results below. Though there are not many of votes, the votes vary and that is what makes it interesting and somewhat telling.

Table A
Table B

The above is a non-scientific survey that is straightforward and easy to comprehend. There is not much to analyze as the answers to the questions posed are quite self-explanatory. I wanted it to be that way because I am not into the minutia of numerology. I do find it not surprising that 33.3% (only 3 responses) believe that mask-wearing is based on science. Also interesting to note, but not surprising is that 44.4% (only 4 responses) believe in the efficacy of the vaccines. The rest is as stated above truly self-explanatory.

The response I received from Mustang in my comments section was very interesting to my original post containing the link to the survey:

I did a cursory examination of mortality in the US and general international statistics. Turns out, according to my unscientific analysis, before Covid somewhere around 150-160,000 people die every single day. After Covid, somewhere around 150-160,000 people die every day. So, the mortality rate due to Covid is small. Is Covid responsible for SOME deaths? Yes, of course. But those numbers are statistically insignificant and (likely) not as high as deaths due to regular influenza.

The government’s reaction to Covid (which our government helped to create through funding that went to the Wuhan Lab) has been far worse than the disease itself. How much stress has the government created by closing down small businesses? Stress leads to heart attack and stroke. It seems to me that the government is much like the doctor whose treatments are far worse than the disease. Something to keep in mind every time the government opens its mouth, I’d say.” (Mustang. January 2, 2022)

When Mustang writes I pay attention. He is just not any blogger, in his words a “US Marine (Retired), historian, writer.” What that mere profile does not tell you is what a prolific writer he is, a former high school teacher, and a plethora of information to find on his sites about him. Mustang is more like an encyclopedia writing its own narratives. So yes, I truly read and listen to what he writes. We all have experiential experience and knowledge but I have not found many a person such as Mustang or AOW and Warren from Always On Watch. Even I must admit at times I am no match for their knowledge and experiences, but that is fine because I love to learn.

To Mustang’s one point on the “government reaction to this pandemic making it worse than the disease (paraphrased)” I must say this is so true. The pandemic, endemic, the vaccines, the lockdowns, masks, social distancing, all of it has created an air of mistrust and bitterness I have not ever seen the likes of in my lifetime. The disagreements in our government remind me of how similarly close they are to the Civil War times. This divide in our nation is huge, or perhaps this divide only brought up to the surface what has always been brewing.

It was Abraham Lincoln that once said, “this nation will not be destroyed from an outside source, but from within (paraphrased).” If true, it is not this pandemic, how we feel about being vaxed or not being vaxed, the efficacy of the vaccine – it is about the loss of trust as a people not only for our government but at some level of degrees, and there are many, mistrust amongst each other. A divided nation cannot stand and I pray I never see it fall in my lifetime.


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7 thoughts on “Covid-19 Survey – Interesting Results and Responses

  1. Elizabeth,
    We all have experiential experience and knowledge but I have not found many a person such as Mustang or AOW and Warren from Always On Watch. Even I must admit at times I am no match for their knowledge and experiences, but that is fine because I love to learn.

    Why, thank you for the compliment!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You both are good and kind people and I appreciate that Mustang. As to the survey, I truly appreciate you of all people saying I did an excellent job of putting this one together. I just wish I had been able to collect more data to really work with and delve into a bit more in-depth. Maybe my next survey when I figure out what that will be! 🙂


  2. Thank you both for your insights in the comment section of the survey and for sharing your personal experiences. On a sidebar I am late here today and so happy I scheduled this to post at midnight EST. We had no electricity from about 5:30 am – 11:00 am. Also, it is only 23f today. Personally, I love this kind of weather and Starbucks is richer today and I admit my guilt. I cannot go without my morning latte! 🙂


  3. ” The majority of the time doctors, nurses, and staff said they were very angry at these people [the unvaccinated] but it was their job to care for them.”

    These people are very confused. They have been duped by clever propaganda. You see comparisons between the fully vaccinated and the unvaccinated categories. The “unvaccinated” category includes people who have been singly jabbed and all the jabbed who are in the 2 week timeout period. Yes, the “unvaccinated” group includes many people who have been vaccinated.

    The people in the 2 week timeout period have higher risk of severe infectious disease than before the jab because vaccination has a negative impact on your immune system and it takes 2 weeks for your immune system to recover from a vaccination.

    But most medical professionals don’t think about those things because they are so angry and fearful and confused and tired, all of which hinder the ability to think clearly. A saying from “Dune” captures the problem, looking at a single aspect: “Fear is the mind-killer.”


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