Where Do You See America Going In The Next Three Years?

Under current projections and administration, the United States will find itself in second place behind China (already the world’s second-largest economy) in economic output around 2026, and behind India by 2050. So sad when you look at the state of our nation now.

I posted this on another blog I used to frequent when I had The HILL Chronicles. We need to stand as one. All of us. Furthermore, I am posting my comment here because it is relevant to this post.

We keep voting for people that are educated to the point of no humanity and common sense. People that are affluent, or look good, say the right things but are self-serving. Unlike Abraham Lincoln who truly served the people because he cared, we have a nation of politicians from the federal all the way down to states that do not care about serving the people, just making a name for themselves to move upward in the scandals ways we see today. Voting for someone because of color is stupid. You do not vote color or women, or anyone for that matter that does not have substance and character that does not care for American people. As much as Margorie Taylor Greene is hated as is Trump, they do care about the American people. On C-Span, you should have heard, if you did not MTG go at the congress for their lack of caring about our citizenry.

I do not know where this nation is headed. It certainly is a far beyond cry from the USA I grew up in the USA I honestly miss. Something has to change, but it looks like we are headed for a downward spiral and no one will stop it. I shudder to think what Biden and Harris will do the next three years to our nation. It is downright scary. Biden is far worse than Carter and Obama put together. It is appalling.

So I would say we need to stop voting for people based on color, ethnicity, gender, and vote our common sense. That is of course if there is anyone worth voting for, which is the real question.” (Kanas-Gonzalez, Elizabeth. (2022, January 14)

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  1. If history teaches us anything at all, it is that we cannot escape our humanness. This lesson began more than a few years ago when God gave us the Garden of Eden with a human population of two, and we mucked it up before a year had passed. Now, if that story is true, we can at least observe that it was the beginning of a trend repeated down through the ages. Whatever happened to all of mankind’s greatest civilizations?

    There was a great film in the 1950s called The Day the Earth Stood Still. It was far more than a science fiction film; it was a statement about how inept we humans are in creating and maintaining worthy societies. Even when confronted with annihilation, human beings could not escape who and what they are.

    Despite all our technological inventions and innovations, we have never mastered ourselves. The answer to this very perplexing problem is that we simply cannot change our spots. So, I believe that the answer to your question has two possibilities (and only two): we will either be the same as we are today, which offers us no honors, or we will be worse than we are today — the most likely result.

    We’ve had so many chances to achieve greatness over the past 6,000 years and yet, we failed every test. The cause of all our problems, as human beings, as societies, as once-great civilizations, is our hubris.

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    1. Actually the latter is quite Biblical. The Israelites wanted a king like other nations whereas God want a Theocracy. So you see how the results for the rest of the nations, including Israel and the U.S. turned out – no government functions properly nor fairly. The rich and powerful will always suppress the less fortunate. This is why the Bible is clear that God will judge all nations, and judge them also on how they treated Israel. I wish more people would read their Bible. My husband’s acronym for the Bible is, “Bible’s Instructions Before Leaving Earth.” (Gonzalez, John. 1997.)

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      1. I am constantly challenged in my faith (which is, I suppose, how we define faith). If we are created in God’s image, then every part of us (the good and the not-so-good) must be part of our DNA. We can’t help what we are anymore than any other species of life can help what they are. There is a story about a woman in China who, one blustery winter day, was returning to her home when she came upon a venomous snake nearly frozen to death. With compassion, the woman picked up the snake and took it to her house, and set it gently near a fire so that it could be warmed. And when the snake was restored, the woman reached to pick up the snake to remove it to another location inside her home, and the snake bit her. “How dare you,” she exclaimed. “I found you near death, and I took pity on you, and I brought you to my home and nurtured you back to health. How dare you bite me!” And the snake replied, “Yes, but when you picked me up, you knew I was a snake.”

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        1. I have heard that story and it is so true of humans. I look at it as all the greatness and goodness God gave us all was lost when Eve was beguiled by what? A snake (Satan) and Adam just followed her like a love-struck puppy and blamed her to God by saying, “It was the woman you gave me” instead of taking any responsibility at all for his own part and actions. That is when man and woman lost their glory and to some degree their humanity, which is why we have the Bible, which is why God in His mercy sent His only Son because He did love us so much and wanted none of us to perish but to believe on Him whom He sent. It is a 6,000-year-old history lesson. Sadly many have not learned this lesson. Not one of us is perfect and we all fall short of the Glory of God. How much more great would our nation have been if JFK did not sign the bill to take prayer out of public school, what if SCOTUS in the ’70s had not passed Roe v. Wade (Chief Justice Renquist did dissent) and on the list goes of what if’s?

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  2. That’s a pretty weighty question, with no easy answer. But given the hypothetical nature….I’d say that unless we have radical change in our political landscape, and a return to reason [such as it ever was]….we’re looking at a decided fracturing of this husk of a Republic. We have two grossly inept and corrupt entities wielding political power for it’s own sake, at the exclusion of what actually embodies the ideal of the Founders. Both Liberal and Conservative, as well as a host of other political terms, have utterly lost all meaning beyond the meme-ification for an increasingly ignorant society.

    We’re always going to be chasing China, for various but obvious reasons….and this has been foretold for a couple of decades now.

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    1. I agree with you completely. I honestly don’t care if we trail China to a small degree, but it is how this nation is governed that will determine its validity on the world stage or dooms day two for we the people.


  3. Your last paragraph… “So I would say we need to stop voting for people based on color, ethnicity, gender, and vote our common sense. That is of course if there is anyone worth voting for, which is the real question.” … EXACTLY!! But I fear that there are SO. MANY. PEOPLE. who will never never never EVER learn this. Nor will they ever do any ressearch into those who run for office – ANY office. It has taken me YEARS to get 99% of my family to understand this. The other 1% is, well, cough yeah.

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    1. I am sad that I have to agree, but what you say is so true. People turn on the TV, listen to the news or a campaign ad, and yeah, they know all about the candidate and are up to date on what is going on..bias and all! Sheese….


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