Supreme Court Blocks Nationwide Vaccine and Testing Mandate

All we have heard is how this pandemic now is the result of the unvaccinated and all our woes are due to the un-vaxed. Never mind all the illegal immigrants that crossed our southern borders and were never tested for COVID-19. Sadly these illegals were dropped into my neighborhood and perhaps yours. We do not know, but one thing we did learn from ICE is that many if not most crossed carrying the virus or sick from it.

Now for the first time, Biden will have to still his quivering mouth and loud-mouthed gaffs. He is finished on the narrative of COVID-19. He could not or did not know how to because he and his inept administration never delivered on the online site to receive free testing kits. This became polarizing, political, and vengful. This is the man that allowed Afghanistan to languish and hated former President Trump so much he threw away all the good initiatives that would help the American citizenry. The citizenry that Biden claims to be doing all this for that in truth, he and his administration do not care one bit about any of us. It is their agenda, fly their way or no way.

“The Supreme Court on Thursday blocked President Joe Biden’s vaccine or testing requirement aimed at large businesses, but it allowed a vaccine mandate for certain health care workers to go into effect nationwide. The decision is a huge hit to Biden’s attempts to use the power of the federal government to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.” [Emphasis Mine] –CNN

Two lower courts had blocked the mandate in 24 states. Justice Samuel Alito, joined by conservatives Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, and Amy Coney Barrett, dissented. If you can believe this Liberal Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, joined by her conservative colleague Justice Amy Coney Barrett, raised concerns this past Monday regarding the disparities in the federal system in reference to sentencing guidelines.

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    1. Thanks for the articles. I just cannot at times keep up with all the insanity and I am beginning to believe it is a mental block. My brain is on overload from the stupidity this government is trying to inject, and quite successfully into mainstream society. The “Big Companies” are the worst of them.

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