Watch Fauci Grovel and Rand Paul Crush Him

This is just a joke! “Poor me” Fauci whining about his treatment by Rand Paul and all his suffering due to being falsely accused of him and Collins derailing so-called radical scientists because Fauci and Collins believe they are the science. He goes so far as to describe death threats and his family not being safe but then says “I realize it comes with the territory (paraphrased). Thank God Rand Paul (R. KY) will not let up.

9 thoughts on “Watch Fauci Grovel and Rand Paul Crush Him

      1. Yeah Fauci does not like to be asked simple questions. Always the case for people with something to hide.

        Most of the “New Enlightened” make my skin crawl. It’s the way they talk.

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  1. I heard:

    “So I ask myself why would the senator want to do this? You go to Rand Paul’s website and you see ‘fire Dr. Fauci’ with a little box that says ‘contribute here!’ You can do $5, $10, $20, $100. So you are making a catastrophic epidemic about your political gain,”.
    —-Anthony Fauci

    We could have several discussions as to the logic of Paul’s continued attacks on Fauci and the winner of which fight. I’m just not seeing how Paul “crushing” Fauci in this case could be one of them.


    1. Fauci is a democratic hack. He and Collins wanted to fire three credible scientists, more credible than he is. He funded the lab, deterred the public from believing he funneled funds to Gain of Function. Why? Only the guilty do this. He still trusts Gain of Function, he still trusts the Chinese. The man is responsible for the creation of this super virus and he has blood on his hands. Dr. Fauci does not want the debate because if you criticize him you criticize science. Fauci is sick.

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      1. Your accusations, by large, have been debunked time and again and don’t square with facts. They are a compilation of cherry picked misinformation repeated by the right wing media and their propaganda machine.

        Regardless, as mentioned above, I was wondering how you conclude that Paul “crushed” Fauci in this case. Both Sen Roger Marshall and Sen Rand Paul went in fully loaded and well prepared and planned (as Paul so often does) in hopes to gain a “gotcha” of Fauci. Marshall brought in and displayed a large check of Fauci’s salary. After silencing Marshall for not knowing that Fauci’s salary was public record, Paul got the taste slapped out of his mouth and sent home in damage control when Fauci presented photos of Rand’s webpage soliciting money by bashing Fauci.

        Simply put, aside from your obvious disdain of Fauci, he mopped the floor with both of them.


  2. I have to wonder if Dr. Fauci is a psychopath. There are times that he looks downright reptilian! Notice his eyes and his flicking of his tongue. Sheesh.

    Regardless of the above, I see Dr. Fauci as a lying megalomaniac. Furthermore, I have read that he has finances involved in gain of function research and the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

    As for Dr. Fauci and Dr, Collins derailing so-called radical scientists, I’m not surprised that Dr. Fauci would do so. But Dr. Collins, too? I think so — and I used to have faith in Dr. Collins. No more! The almighty dollar has consumed both of these once-respected scientists.


    1. I agree AOW and furthermore, Fauci should have been replaced years ago. He is a lifelong BUREAUCRAT, which when you realize he has been in that position literally 50 years it begs the question, what the heck is wrong with our government? They are not governing anymore, they have become dictators. It is downright sickening.

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