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I will be vigilant to protect the independence and integrity of the Supreme Court, and I will work to ensure that it upholds the rule of law and safeguards those liberties that make this land one of endless possibilities for all Americans.” Chief Justice John Roberts


The Supreme Court of the United States has always fascinated me.  It has been said that the Supreme Court holds more power than the president does. (Unknown. N.D.)  In many ways, I do believe that to be true.  I hold the Judicial Branch with much more esteem than the Executive Branch because the latter tend not to present the laws, as they were intended to work.  It is understood that the Constitution is vague, it is to be interpreted, but there have been times when presidents, such as then-President Barack Obama, for example, over-extended his executive power in Libya.

Of course, there is the question to date about Obama’s birth certificate being legitimate.  He did produce one for the public, but there is still speculation as to its authenticity since it looks photo-shopped.  Interestingly, back in January of 2010, very quietly, this question was brought to the attention of the Supreme Court; of particular interest is Justice Scalia’s response to this. “Justice Antonin Scalia announced that the Supreme Court agreed on Tuesday to hear arguments concerning Obama’s legal eligibility to serve as President in a case brought by Leo Donofrio of New Jersey. This lawsuit claims Obama’s dual citizenship disqualified him from serving as president. Donofrio’s case is just one of 18 suits brought by citizens demanding proof of Obama’s citizenship or qualification to serve as president.” (Uncensored. 2010.)  Headlines during that time went as far as to say, “Justice Antonin Scalia agreed for the Supreme Court to hear a case about whether Barack Obama is eligible to be President.” (St. Petersburg Times. 2010.)

Since that time, not much has come forth from the United States Supreme Court other than the news media reporting that the birth certificate does not exist or is not valid –that is– until thenPresident Obama produced a Long Form Birth Certificate. (Pfeiffer. 2011) 

Source: Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate

I personally sensed a cover-up here.  Would it have been advantageous for the Supreme Court of the Land to expose a sitting president as not truly an American citizen?  Could that put the Supreme Court under such scrutiny that they would be accused of not keeping to their system of checks and balances? Would the American citizenry mock the Judicial System to the point that they would lose their credibility?  A lot weighed into their decision-making. It was largely the United States Supreme Court’s reputation that was now in question, not to mention that our then-current president is of African American descent.  Any decision made to the contrary regarding then-President Obama would have made the Supreme Court appear to be prejudiced and in violation of African American civil rights.  They could not take that chance.

As I stated above, the Supreme Court has always fascinated me.  I have often pondered if unlike other nations, which may have a president or a prime minister, what if we did?  It does not seem right to split the Executive Branch in half such as the Parliament in England has.  Nevertheless, for conversation’s sake, perhaps this nation would run better.  The president is afforded too much power most of the time, though many are of the belief a president really has very little power – in many cases both beliefs are true depending on the circumstances.  The poor choices of the last several presidents and our nation’s current president have trickled down to the American citizenry causing harm to the people, namely poverty.

It begs the question what if we eliminated the Executive Branch by giving it solely to the United States Supreme Court – the Judicial Branch.  Presidents have made copious errors in judgment and misguided decisions on their interpretation of United States laws and statutes.  Would we not be better served to be run solely by the United States Supreme Court?  Every citizen these days seems to look at them for direction and legislation as to how we as Americans can live.

The United States Supreme Court upholds the laws of the land, perhaps they are in a far better place to run the nation, not that they are not, silently behind the scenes though Chief Justice Roberts wants us to believe that they do not consider the politics of the day, I definitely wonder about the latter.  I believe their power should increase so that the Executive Powers of the President can decrease.  After all, how can a layperson execute the laws of the land when they themselves may not be attorneys, never litigated a case, never studied case law?  Of course, they have advisors, but they are swayed by the biases of lobbiests.

I have always looked to the Supreme Court as being a combination of the representation of the people; conservatives, liberals, independents, democrats, and republicans that come together as one sole body to govern over the laws of the land — to see that the United States Constitution is upheld, not withheld.  I could envision Chief Justice Roberts as our President, but not in the sense as we know what a president means according to modern-day views – more of a George Washington, or perhaps a Thomas Jefferson type, at the grassroots level working for the people.

In conclusion, ours is the oldest Constitution in the world that has worked for over two hundred years.  You may say who are you to question this, how it is run, or perhaps, why fix what has worked for so long?  Today we see our government falling apart at every level. I believe the Supreme Court may be the very branch, which will save this nation from its final destruction in the end.  Perhaps justice truly is not blind in the end.


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8 thoughts on “The United States Supreme Court

  1. I believe the birth certificate conspiracy theory to have been a coordinated distraction by those who didn’t want to see a black American at 1600 Penn. For the usual reasons.

    But SCOTUS is definitely a fascinating body. I would love to see hearings televised for the public.

    But they are also as maligned as any political body…..their image is at the whim of the masses. If they rule in accordance with someone’s opinion – they’re ‘upholding the Constitution’. If they rule against – they’re ‘black-robed tyrants’.


    1. First of all, I do not believe it was a conspiracy. I remember back when I was affiliated with the Pajamas Media News Network out of LA there was a YouTube video publicized with Michelle Obama in Kenya saying, “It is so wonderful to be in my husband’s home country (paraphrased).” I had uploaded it to my then blog, “The HILL Chronicles.” Since that time there has been little mention of it.

      I do believe our nation has moved past a black man in the office of POTUS, however, let’s get our facts straight. Obama who began our little race war going on today by saying, “white people are privileged,” was also himself raised by his white grandparents in Hawaii after his white mother died. What an insult to his mother and grandparents. I always called him an oreo back then – black on the outside and white on the inside. I also said such in an email to him via the White House. Talk about one who denied his complete heritage and bashed those that gave him privilege on a golden platter.

      Second, I do agree that there is no winning on either way SCOTUS rules because the media and private sector are so used to politicizing everything, the pandemic is a prime example of that. Literally, no one trying to good in any of the three branches of our government will nowadays be viewed objectively.

      Third, sometimes C-SPAN does air Supreme Court Hearings, but they are quite limiting due to much of the private nature of so many cases.


  2. I could not be in more agreement with you. It is akin to texting, so easy to misunderstand or misread. I always prefer verbal over text, email, or even blog comments. However, that is not the way of the world these days so we must push on – days past of in person visits and phone calls is dying out.


  3. No government is perfect, which is why, I suppose, the preamble to the U.S. Constitution includes the phrase, “ … in Order to form a more perfect Union.” Not perfect, only more perfect. The question has always been, “More perfect than what?” The fallacy of the Supreme Court is that the judges reflect the attitudes of the men who appointed them more than they do the people of the United States. And you know, that might be impossible to achieve with 330-million people living within our borders (legally).

    Let us reflect on a post you did the other day about defacing the flag as a right of expression. What I’ve taken away from my study of Constitutional Law is this: the U.S. Constitution says what the U.S. Supreme Court says that it says. Moreover, given our system of judicial review, the strength or weakness of the Constitution rests in the ability of jurists to reason. Considering the 41 million Americans who served their country in time of war, of which 2.3 million fell on the battlefield, I would have thought, and I believe reasonably, that defacing, dishonoring, disrespecting the United States flag would matter to the highest court in the land … at least as much as spray-painting the Lincoln Memorial, which is a felony.

    As to the question of Obama’s legitimacy to serve as president, this issue should have been so fundamental to the integrity of our institutions that the highest court in the land should have taken it on, even if only to put to rest that question, which distracted this country for far too long. In any case, Obama himself caused most of that distraction, and I, for one, believe that Obama somewhat magically appeared from nowhere. The point here is that if you destroy a nation’s institutions, you destroy the nation. Plus, we should not allow anyone who wishes to “serve the public” to “seal” their records from that public. We now know (although too late in knowing) that Obama was a fraud from the outset.

    Chief Justice Roger B. Taney has been much maligned by revisionists and activists with a peculiar agenda; this man’s total worth and credibility does not revolve around whether he owned slaves. He was right about one thing: the United States was never the same after Abraham, who essentially broke the Union so completely that it could not be repaired. Thanks to Lincoln, we have had several subsequent presidents who suspended the U.S. Constitution for their own purposes, and we suffer from that right now, today. In what America do we round up entire ethnic groups and corral them into concentration centers? In what America do we pass a “patriot act” that diminishes our Constitutional Right to be confronted by our accusers, or which allows the Feds to enter our homes and plant bugs and seize our bank accounts? What reasonable court would allow FISA courts? What reasonable federal court would let the FBI and others manufacture false information about a sitting president and then use that incorrect information to gain warrants against those who supported that president?

    I share your fascination with the high court; I just cannot hold them in as much esteem as you do. But thank you for energizing my brainpan today!

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    1. Let’s write a book! Now that would energize both our brains! I must admit you make stellar points on all counts and actually made me question in a different way since I was not military only my pops and husband and step-daughter, not only what kind of government is running our nation, but what has SCOTUS done to help perpetuate the insanity. Honestly Mustang I shudder at that thought. Honestly, I should thank you!

      Semper fi!


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