The Past – Maybe Not So Different Afterall

By nature, I am a researcher and investigator. This is why becoming a paralegal was intriguing to me. Investigating what people told me for its validity and combing Westlaw for caselaw for standing. I also like to look up family on the internet. I believe I got this crazy habit from my dad. My husband and I nicknamed him “The Cop.” He could tell you where every dope house was on the southside of Chicago no matter what or where one lived. Dad always knew where the bad people hung out. Most of that came through him tapping into his broadband radio and listening to the cop calls around the city. I believe he actually took notes. My dad was one of the smartest and most intelligent people I ever knew.

While browsing for pictures last evening of the house that is now sold after dad passed and mom went to live in assisted living – because I never went back home after the pandemic and wanted more memories of it to keep it fresh, I happened upon the above sentiments.

Rose Marie Kanas is my mom. I never knew my mom wrote this nor that it was published in the Chicago Tribune. What a surprise to me and so telling of my mom. Mom was a very opinionated woman with many strong moral convictions so at the same time why would I be surprised? Mom wrote at the end of this short opine as you have read above, “I sincerely hope that this ruling will shake the American people to the very core of their souls before it is too late!” (Chicago Tribune. Kanas, Rose Marie. ‘THIS ISN’T AMERICA’. 1989, July 3) Many American’s like my mom have made repeated statements such as this about assorted issues affecting our nation. How many times have we made similar remarks in our own writings and ramblings? This nation still has many good and moral people within it, but to those not listening, sadly we know today they most likely never will. The latter is a travesty as we watch our once great nation slowly decline and unravel. To each nation, it must rise, then fall. We are living through the fall and it was Abraham Lincoln that stated, “America would destroy itself from within (paraphrased).” It may already be too late!

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  1. I too was born, raised, and educated in the Chicago area. I did not agree with the Supreme Court ruling in 1989 and I am glad my mom spoke up. At that time I might not ever of thought to do that so I am glad she did it. I am afraid that Supreme Court rulings and bills passed from Congress to Senate that get passed are not in the interest of the American people to date. It is really time for this nation to take a good look at itself.


    1. Academy of Our Lady High School on 95th & Troop & Loomis, 60643. Sadly, the high school is closed now due to lack of enrollment but we still have an alumnus for every year people graduated. They are also located online under schools that have closed. It is a site that keeps them alive with memories. Now may I ask what high school you attended?


  2. That’s so funny. I was probably only thirteen or fourteen at that time and not thinking about all that until a couple years later! I did not go to college/university until I raised my children. When I did go I went to Anthem Online originally out of Phoenix, but now located in Florida. I did win a summer scholarship during my junior-senior year summer to The Art Institute of Chicago. I pursued art back then. Long story. Maybe I will share it one day here, but I prefer to write. It is more me.

    I do remember JFK, RFK, and MLK’s assassinations. Scarry, I just realized all their names end in “K” and there are three of them and I do not like what that stands for. But during the mid-60s I remember being scared when these events occurred though not so much when RFK was assassinated. I remember being 6 years old and walking home knowing JFK was assassinated and being scared to death. When MLK was assassinated we were scared because the thought back then that prevailed was we would be killed and Mayor Daly Sr. told everyone to stay indoors, meaning “white” people, and literally said so. It is amazing how times have changed.

    I am sure MLK would be disappointed. A man should be judged for his character, not color. But thanks to Obama we are talking white privilege here. No one can give you privilege you earn it via hard work, and last time I checked white was color so that ends that.


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