Nightmare On I-95 In Virginia

I-95 near Fredericksburg, VA

Snowstorms are a nightmare anywhere. But the debacle on I-95 going south towards Fredericksburg was beyond disturbing. This stall, pile-up due to an accident lasted 27 hours. People ordered Doordash and they did deliver. People ran out of food, water, and had to use the snow as their latrine. Furthermore, how many elderly, pregnant women, and children were in perils way. Even an adult with no needs was compromised by the cold as gas ran out because keeping the cars running to stay warm was their only option.

This situation speaks to always being prepared for emergencies. Dry foods such as saltines or Ritz – even Goldfish, ready-to-go packs of pudding, jello, pringles, dried fruit, granola bars, etc., not to mention candy for blood sugar, and water. There are a plethora of items one can keep in their trunk that will not go bad for an emergency. Not to mention several heavy-duty blankets, and mylar is not a bad idea as it insulates your own body heat. In addition, a flashlight and battery run or a crank-up lantern are always good options. Also, one could keep a small number of extra prescription drugs that one needs in one of the glove compartments in your car. First aid kits, hand sanitizer, a roll of paper towels, a roll or two of toilet paper, and Wet-Ones or the like. People need to be prepared because it is futile depending on our government to bail us out. Yes, there are and were things they could do, should do, but you too are responsible for being prepared.

The saddest part is how depraved our media has become and how Twitter allows lies all the while banning Margorie Taylor Greene (R) just 48 hours ago. Glen Youngkin (R) is blamed for this mess and he has not even been sworn in as governor, which will be on January 15, 2022. Totally insane considering the left always decries truth while not practicing the truth. Governor Ralph Northam (D) is still in office the last time I checked and he will be leaving soon thanks to Virginians who voted common sense and made sure Terry Mcauliffe (D) would never be governor, this time. We never know what the future holds so I never say never.

Now, I-95 South is a total wreck. An accident involving tractor-trailers caused a massive backup. Cars have been stuck on the road at a standstill for hours, including Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA). There were reports that some vehicles were running out of gas as drivers tried to stay warm. So, who’s to blame? Why was there such a delay in the mobilization of plow trucks and other services? We cannot get to that because some folks are blaming the wrong people. You guessed it—Gov-elect Glenn Youngkin, a Republican, was berated by some clowns on Twitter for failing this weather emergency. There’s only one problem: Democrat Ralph Northam is still governor.” Read the full article at Townhall.

Sad as this is at the end of the day we need to rely on ourselves because our government is always falling short and failing the American citizenry. Then we wonder why people are losing heart? Depend on yourselves because sometimes things happen and it is out of our control. Even when things could have been done, they were not by our Virginian politicians or governor. Even Sen. Tim Kaine (D) was calling in and elicited no help and that dear people is very telling. It’s always going to be up to you so do it right because we know they won’t.

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  1. Living in Fauquier County, I have little reason to travel on I-95….but your preparedness notes are excellent. Every Citizen should be prepared [whether at home or traveling] to provide for themselves for a minimum of 72 hours. But sadly, we don’t teach self sufficiency in our public schools….so we have generations of entitled but helpless leaches.

    I don’t catch a ton of local news, but can you point me to who has blamed Youngkin for the lack of road preparation?


    1. My post link to Townhall and YouTube video point to who did this. You can follow the trail there. I agree that our public and even private schools do not teach preparedness and that is really sad. It has produced several generations of leaches!


      1. I appreciate the links, I might have missed them before. I have never cared what random idiots on Twitter have to say….I wanted to make sure that it was nobody who should have known better and be held accountable, who made those remarks.

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  2. People need to be prepared because it is futile depending on our government to bail us out.

    Spot on!

    Back when I was growing up, my dad insisted on the car having “an emergency bag” and certain automotive tools (jumper cables and a flashlight, for example), particularly when the weather forecast looked iffy. Over the years, as people have become so reliant on the government as “savior,” people, especially Northern Virginians, abandoned carrying such things in their cars.

    I must admit that I chuckled a bit when I learned that Tim Kaine was trapped. He failed to learn the proper lesson, though.

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    1. And the crazy part is, for anyone living here on early 2016 [“snowmageddon”], this same issue occurred, with it taking commuters an ungodly amount of hours to make it down the freeway.

      I get people not having an Every Day Carry [EDC] kit on their person….but to not throw an emergency bag in their vehicle? They deserve what they got…..

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      1. I was here for early 2016 “snowmageddon”. I do not remember people being as ill-prepared as they were this year. Their excuse given on local news is that they knew it was “raining” but did not believe it would “really snow!” How stupid and ignorant. You always prepare and if the worst happens you are not caught off guard, but if it does not, well you are prepared for if it ever does happen. I am sorry but Northern Virginians are the most entitled and spoiled, self-centered people I have ever encountered in my whole life. I have lived in many places including overseas and I have never seen the likes of a place or people like this. It makes you lose your hope. Thank God I am a believer in Jesus Christ. Without Him, I would have been in a padded room somewhere living here. The worst and most unfriendly lot of folks too I might add. Planning to move within the next three years. I have had more than enough here. No hospitality or humanity. If you did not grow up here you will not make friends unless you are very rich. It’s truly an awful place.


    2. I agree about Tim Kaine. How ironic. What made me laugh is that he actually tried to call in help not only for himself but all on I-95 and was totally ignored. Guess he does not wield the power he lets on. The latter made me chuckle.


    1. Going electric does more harm than good. It causes a plethora of other issues that the left does not want you to know about. If all the cars had been electric they would have needed to be towed because highways, expressways, and the ilk have no charging stations nor are there trucks that could have come through with charging apparatus’ to help. This is a mute topic. I pray we never go all-electric. What a disaster to even imagine that.


  3. I have my blog set to close comments after 7 days. I want people to move on to newer ones. I don’t want to go back a year or two on older posts. That’s just how I roll. Though one thread I did shut off early because I refuse to argue with anyone. I feel no need to placate anyones need to be right all the time.


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