The Long Goodbye

When my dad died fifteen months ago I was able to say goodbye to him via facetime. Not the most wonderful time with COVID-19 about and people hesitant to travel. My poor father was so brave. He made sure mom was taken care of as her memory, a form of dementia had been slowly creeping in. He made his peace with her, my sisters I am sure, and myself. It was not closure the way I wanted it, but I could say goodbye in my own way. It broke my heart to see him leave us but one day we all must leave this dusty earth to life everlasting with our Lord Jesus.

Over the weekend, early Sunday morning my auntie died and went peacefully in her sleep. My auntie was one of the kindest, smartest, and most generous human beings I have ever known. She always encouraged me to be the best, to work the talents within me, and self-educate myself. More importantly, she was a believer in Jesus, her last words the last time we spoke was to pray, to always pray. She understood the power of prayer even when her own prayers were not always answered. She gave me loads of gifts over the years and literally showered them on me and I am sure my sisters too. She had no children so I always felt in her own way she adopted us as hers. I know she loved us three girls very much. We may not always have the most perfect family, but without love we have nothing.

Auntie was sick and in pain for a long, long time. More than many could have endured. I know it was her faith that pulled her through. I also know she knew we girls loved her very much. Yet for me and for many of us in similar situations it is just a long goodbye. Until I see you again someday my dear sweet auntie, until then, you are in my heart every day.

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