Commie Loving Twitter Up To Censoring Again

Here we go again. The left, Twitter, has censored Margorie Taylor Greene just as they did former President Donald Trump. Socialism is just running about. We have the CDC telling us where we can go, where we cannot go, what we can and cannot do but all Twitter is worried about is the supposed misinformation Greene is spreading? It seems to me the left has politicized and capitalized monetarily off this horrific pandemic and no one is saying boo.

“SAN FRANCISCO — Twitter said Sunday it had banned the personal account of far-right Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for multiple violations of the platform’s Covid-19 misinformation policy, the latest strike against the firebrand whose embrace of conspiracy theories has been called “a cancer” for the GOP and led the House to boot her from committees.

The Georgia Republican’s account was permanently suspended under the “strike” system Twitter launched in March, which uses artificial intelligence to identify posts about the coronavirus that are misleading enough to cause harm to people. Two or three strikes earn a 12-hour account lock. Four strikes prompt a weeklong suspension. Five or more strikes can get someone permanently removed from Twitter.”

The Democrats are worried about Greene being a cancer for the Republicans? It makes me actually laugh. I can name The Squad, Pelosi, Schumer, Warren, and a litany of “cancers to the democrats,” which are preposterous. The left’s malarky is stupefying. We can complain and even whine about this type of censoring, but as long as the polluted left controls the narrative this is what happens. I am sickened at the misinformation out of the CDC and the narrative out of the mouth of lying Fauci, whom I refuse to refer to as a doctor.

Greene responded to the ban stating, “Twitter is an enemy to America and can’t handle the truth,” Greene said. “That’s fine, I’ll show America we don’t need them and it’s time to defeat our enemies.” That is the point. We will defeat our enemies. We cannot believe otherwise lest we want to be next in line to be censored.

17 thoughts on “Commie Loving Twitter Up To Censoring Again

    1. FJ I made a Twitter account just to broadcast my posts there. It’s an experiment. I need more Twitter hits for Twitter to notice, but when that happens I will bet their left arses to try and ban me! I will take them to court under the 1st Amendment.


  1. Twitter is part of the free market system. A 1st Amendment case has no merit against a non-governmental entity.

    I’d offer that one doesn’t like Twitter….one shouldn’t give it their business. But I also offer that terms like ‘communist’ and ‘fascist’ are over-zealously and falsely employed in today’s political discourse.

    There are plenty of alternative social media platforms to choose from… need for anyone to be anti-capitalist.

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  2. “Twitter is part of the free market system. A 1st Amendment case has no merit against a non-governmental entity.”

    It has merit. One could take them to court on the premise of the 1st Amendment. It would not apply only in cases of hate speech. Greene was speaking the truth about the virus and the left just did not like it.


    1. Well, knock yourself out in filing a case. The 1st Amendment protects the speech of Citizens against government abuse…..there is no standing if a private corporation censors speech in accordance with its agreed to Terms of Service.

      MTG spoke her opinion, and Twitter decided that it violated those Terms. That is what the free market protects. Take your business elsewhere, MTG.

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        1. I neither like nor dislike her. Like most politicians, she is a virtue-signaling gasbag with no legislative accomplishments to her name. Her record in Congress (what she was hired to do) is decidedly lacking.


        2. I am in somewhat of an agreement with you. However, the left is threatened by and used her as a pawn to create division. She fell for some of it. Too bad, they did not try that with The Squad, Pelosi, Warren, and the rest of the leftist ilk that is destroying our nation.

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      1. In theory, you are right regarding free speech, the 1st Amendment et al, but I have worked for attorneys that take that to a level you would not believe and win in court despite what any TOS says. This is why many laws and TOS’s are corrupt


  3. “Do you extend the same grievance when GETTR bans participants?” Yes.

    Of course, any company can set its own TOS what I am saying is that it does not mean it is always correct or legal or even fair. Hence, why one reads before they sign anything, and I do mean anything of value or not. You just never know.

    Twitter is corrupt when it comes to its TOS because it bans no democrat or liberal. Twitter bans only republicans like Donald Trump or MTG. It should read do as I say, PERIOD. Not do as I say, not as I do. If they can railroad the GOP then they should hold the same standard for the Democrats. This is my argument technically speaking.


    1. The ‘Occupy’ movement would disagree with your assertion of only Republicans being suspended. Thus, Twitter’s TOS aren’t ‘corrupt’……which also would not be a reason for merit or standing in a suit.


  4. Seriously? Wow. I had to laugh. Again, you missed my point. The TOS only applies to the GOP so the left can control the narrative. I concede you may out smart me regarding a few things on various subjects, however, we could go on all night and I still will ascertain left bias and twisting of the TOS to suit their narratives.


  5. Since I offered merely one of example (there are more) of Leftists being suspended/banned from Twitter (happy to send you a link)……I suppose that I did miss your point. Neither you nor I can make any rational argument about who, and only who, has been banned from Twitter……because neither of us has access to those metrics. You based your statement on a sample that has received play in the media.

    It would seem that you missed my point as well.

    This is a free market problem……with a free market solution. Take your business elsewhere. Charlatans rant about this issue being some imagined “threat to democracy”…….Yet, it’s telling when alleged Capitalists like MTG want to use to power of government to compel a private company to host speech that is contrary to their TOS.

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  6. Good points with the exception of one, her remarks were not in violation of the TOS. I hope you have read Twitter’s TOS. Furthermore, her congressional account was not banned it is still up. Interesting to note. When Trump was banned both his personal and POTUS accounts were banned. Just to give you some idea why one would question the motives of Twitter.


  7. I will review and take this into consideration. However, she spoke the truth which is more than I can say about progressives. They are a cancer to the United States. We need more MTG’s to be brave and bold that speak the truth in good times and the bad. My final word.


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