Please take a minute of your time to take my Covid-19 Survey. I plan to share the results of what you think in two weeks from today, January 14, 2022. Feel free to pass the word.

Thank you to all for participating.


  1. I took the survey, but now let me tell you how I really feel.

    My wife and I (both in 70s) took Moderna’s two-jab regimen. Not because we were scared, but because we are travelers and didn’t want someone to deny us a seat on an airplane simply because we were at high risk and un-inoculated. Both of us fared well with the shot, neither of us has contracted Covid. We spoke with our physician the other day asking if the Booster is warranted. His advice was, “No.” His medical affiliation (a large one) is not recommending the booster for anyone — employees, patients, or guinea pigs. Beyond that, there is STILL no FDA approval on any Covid inoculation. None. Zip. Nada. And, he recommended, until there is FDA approval, we shouldn’t even consider it.

    I did a cursory examination of mortality in the US and general international statistics. Turns out, according to my unscientific analysis, before Covid somewhere around 150-160,000 people die every single day. After Covid, somewhere around 150-160,000 people die every day. So, the mortality rate due to Covid is small. Is Covid responsible for SOME deaths? Yes, of course. But those numbers are statistically insignificant and (likely) not as high as deaths due to regular influenza.

    The government’s reaction to Covid (which our government helped to create through funding that went to the Wuhan Lab) has been far worse than the disease itself. How much stress has the government created by closing down small businesses? Stress leads to heart attack and stroke. It seems to me that the government is much like the doctor whose treatments are far worse than the disease. Something to keep in mind every time the government opens its mouth, I’d say.

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    1. Mustang, thank you for bringing all this to light. With your permission I would like to quote you in my article on the results of my survey in two weeks. My question is what are WE NOT HEARING? What you wrote is an eye opener. Thank you so much Mustang.

      My husband and I took the Pfizer jabs, both of them. Our doctor who is an MPH (Minister of Public Health) did recommend the booster so we took it with no ill effects. I wish I had your information to present to him before we took our booster.

      People in the DC Metro are, which includes Virginia and Maryland are now considered the epicenter for Omicron and are getting sick right and left. My daughter and son—in-law are sick with Covid as well as some of my daughters in-laws. My sister and her husband )who are in Chicago (contracted it last year) have it again this year. My aunt in assisted living is on her dying bed and contracted Covid due to a breakout in the facility and recovered. All my aunt suffered was a mild fever.

      Covid exists. Am I sorry I took the jabs and booster no, but in light of all we do not know about Covid I suspect your analysis is spot on and puts my mind to rest on many a Covid issues and topics.

      It was Fauci who funded Gain of Function whom in turn funded the Wuhan Lab. Fauci has blood on their hands and our government has caused so much undue stress on its citizenry that is borders on criminal.

      Thank you for all your valuable insight Mustang.

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  2. My primary doctor here advised against my getting the booster — at least for now.

    Last spring, my primary doctor advised against my getting the mRNA vaccines. They are “almost alive,” and I am allergic to live vaccines — to the point that I have to be hospitalized. The last time I reacted was to the chickenpox vaccine, a live vaccine, a mere six years ago. I had a kidney complication that led to surgery, followed by a permanent manifestation of neurogenic pain syndrome!

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