2021: A Watershed Year In U.S. Politics

2021 has been a year of unprecedented politics. From Biden/Harris to AOC, The Squad of hell, and the disastrous events that unfolded in Afghanistan. To call the presidents’ actions horrid and inhumane does not begin to describe the enormity of the harm and hurt he inflicted on Americans, Afghans, and our military.

Harris and her cackling laugh and never-ending gaffs if full of shenanigans from not visiting the southern border to filming herself with child actors to just look good. She will never be good so how can she look good? What a foolish woman. She should have remained a prosecutor.

Sadly both Biden/Harris are two of the most stupid people on earth. They have made Jimmy Carter appear to be a good president and we thought Carter was a nut job? I don’t think so now. Rudy Giuliani continually said Biden was dumb, and I agree, but dumber than dumb. Our country is now reaping the Biden/Harris harvest and it is mere scraps. Did I mention inflation and gas prices to just begin with?

If there is any takeaway from 2021 it is that Americans should have been more thoughtful and been more diligent and careful about what they wished for. They hated Trump, and I hated Trumps’ foot in his mouth comments and brash ways, but he did the job of POTUS well. Just because the left hated Trump makes them stupider than stupid by abandoning all the good programs and initiatives Trump began. So you can say and so can I that stupid is as stupid does. Now once again the U.S. is bowing down in the Saudi thrown rooms of oil. Thank you for that stupid regression Biden, we so needed that. Biden/Harris makes stupid look too good for them, two incompetent morons.

We now have southern border insecurity at an all-time high, a fallen Afghanistan in fear due to the deaths of many including thirteen Americans, a covid mess, test shortages, a broken supply chain, ships with cargo still sitting off California shores, and the litany of mayhem goes on. I dare to ask what else could happen out of fear for American lives because we as a nation have become so weak that we are fodder for China. Russia is not our threat, China is thanks to Biden/Harris.

The police have been defunded, BLM literally rules in schools of all levels changing the narrative of American history, whites are told never to say that forbidden “n” word, but blacks call each other the “n” word with no impunity. Black on black crime is at an all-time high, just look at Chicago. It makes no sense. Telling whites we don’t matter and we created the problems of the day and that only people of color have rights and that they can pillage our communities and stores because that is their reparations. This society has lost its moral compass, cannot really believe in God, and behave in this uncouth manner and then call themselves patriots? Insanity has gone to seed and now we see what insanity produces. Insane thinking and people. Just look at how the left twisted, lied, and maligned Karl Rittenhouse. I cried when he was found not guilty. The latter was the only good thing about 2021 and the fact that a spec of humanity still prevails.

So bye-bye 2021 – I cannot wait for you to leave, no love is lost here. I truly pray to God that 2022 will be a better year, but may I make one suggestion? Don’t hold your breath, you will die waiting for that caveat of good things to come, and anything else good for that matter with Biden/Harris at the helm. We will never see anything good from the Biden/Harris team of fallen victors from hell. So much for peace and unity. So here is to another year, 2022, and the roller-coaster ride it will take us on. Make sure to hold on tight and buckle up.

9 thoughts on “2021: A Watershed Year In U.S. Politics

  1. It certainly was a watershed year, but I tend to focus my critique as appropriate to the issue, rather than generally. For every AOC, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib….you have a Marjorie Taylor-Greene, Matt Gaetz and Lauren Bobert…..and so on.

    What I will give Biden a fairly rare pass on for 2021, is Afghanistan. While many people laser-focus on the 13 killed by an IS suicide bomber, most can’t name anyone killed there since 2002….when we should have left the country. Afghanistan was always going to revert to Taliban control [at least everywhere except a possible besieged enclave of Kabul. The plan presented to Biden had it’s pro’s and con’s….and he owns responsibility for how it was carried out. What I found refreshing at least…was that he took that responsibility. I don’t view him as much of a ‘leader’…..but in that moment, he displayed that tenet of leadership.

    Ultimately, 2021 wasn’t a bad year for me personally, and the political landscape was even more entertaining [albeit in a morbid sort of way beginning January 6th] than the years prior.


    1. I dissent.

      This is one time I do not agree with you on any points. Have you ever watched Greene speak to Congress the woman is brilliant not the bumbling airheads like AOC and her tribe.

      Second there was nothing good or decent about how Biden handled Afghanistan. He is so demented he did not even realize what he was owning so no, he does not get credit for that where I come from.

      If you thought 2021 was a good year let me remind you of inflation, gas prices, and supply chain shortages that the last time I checked affected us of the middles-class to poor. Tell me what was good about that? There is nothing entertaining about this year unless you enjoy people suffering and watching our republic fall.


      1. I respect your dissent….but you’ve offered emotion-driven opinions. I don’t measure issues in that manner.

        I don’t find MTG to be anything close to ‘brilliant’. But that’s my opinion, and I categorize it as such.

        Your rebuttal on Afghanistan doesn’t take anything into account other than projection, which you have every right to do….but it doesn’t resonate with me.

        And I was clear when I said that 2021 was a good year for me. I don’t imply that it was good for everyone. But entertainment? Oh yes, in spades. Luckily, people like Trump, Lindell and Leftist academics continue their theatrics.

        Our Republic fell long before this past year. And I don’t mind it’s utter collapse. Maybe we can get it right next time.


    1. “Bumbling airheads”, “demented”, “stupid”, “dumb”, multiple blanket over-generalizations [“the police have been defunded”?].

      Those aren’t measurable….they’re driven by subjective opinion and emotion. That’s not an insult….but it’s the reality. It takes no wisdom to make that observation.


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