Always On Watch Gets A Big Thank You

I would like to just leave a shout-out to AOW for posting that I am back blogging. It was very kind and gracious of her. It was also a great jump start while I am still wading in the pool and getting back in the groove!

Thanks to AOW I have reconnected with some old friends and am making some new ones. I truly appreciate her doing this for me. AOW is a very kind, good, and giving person as is Warren. When she lived up my way my husband met her first husband Dave who passed away last March. My husband really took to him.

I truly wish now that I had personally met AOW while she was still up here but she and Warren are living in or near my old neck of the woods so you never know what life’s surprises can come your way.

Thank you AOW and thank you to all that have come by to visit and or comment. God bless you all.

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