This Lady Salena Zito Better Never Show Her Face Here

Every Sunday I put up this above lady’s articles faithfully when she worked at Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. What a naive woman I was. Back up a bit, over ten years ago she approached me via e-mail. Asked if I would post her articles every Sunday because she liked my blog and my writing style. At the time I was honored and believed I was on my way to landing a remote job with the Trib. How wrong I was. Her daughter did land a job there and I was handed the left hand of fellowship.

Zito has been accused of plagiarism, never quite been redeemed. One good deed does not necessarily equate to many good deeds or being interested in others besides one’s own “moving up the ladder.” She moved up the ladder but sadly fell off. None of us are perfect so I will try not to judge her. I too wanted to move at that time, but I tried doing it the honest way.

Honestly, I did not care to follow this story or how sorted it gets except to say this is very sad when one has privilege because you trust that they have character. Not all have a character just ambition. Ambition was Salena’s downfall and ambition burnt me out. Some are destined for fame, some are not, but now I seek the Lord Jesus, my personal Savior, as my redeemer that has blessed me with talent[s] to give Him all the glory, not man.

At that time I had worked so hard to accomplish a successful blog at The HILL Chronicles that I lost sight of why I was even blogging. I let the Michelle Malkin’s, Ann Coulter’s, and becoming a recognized member of Pajamas Media take over my thought life. I began to believe if I wrote more, wrote better, did more, networked more it would propel me into becoming a valid and recognized blogger. I had even dared to hope I could make a living from blogging and help to support my family. Back then the famous bloggers ruled so I tried to become famous. How silly of me to believe I could attain their fame. I was a blogger, a good blogger, I wrote well and yet I was not comfortable in my own skin. I tried to become what I was not. Huge lessons learned here.

Now I am writing for the pure pleasure of writing and I am confident knowing I am a good writer and blogger. I have nothing to prove to anymore, to anyone, not even to myself. To the Salena Zito’s out there, do your own thing because I am no longer lured by your fake promises of fame and jobs. Those types of people are nothing more than hacks. That is why I never really attained fame, I was not a hack, I could not be used and manipulated and I was never willing to sell my soul to the devil.

6 thoughts on “This Lady Salena Zito Better Never Show Her Face Here

  1. It was not so much as a problem with her other than her ambitions and using people to gain leverage and popularity.

    As to the plagiarism I won’t make judgments there other than to say I would have thought she knew better. That is what you learn 101 in Universities, at least I would hope it is!


  2. For what it’s worth, I’ve always regarded you as a writer of note, and I have always enjoyed your writing and your honesty. As for me, I just write for myself. If others enjoy my (mostly) historical posts, fine. If not … well, I at least enjoyed researching and writing them. I suffer no illusions that 2,000 years from now, someone will discover my virtual scrolls in a cave somewhere near a virtual Salton sea. 🙂 I’m glad you’re back!

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    1. You were and still are a dear follower. You have morals and integrity and you enjoy educating because that is what your blog has always represented then and now. I hope they do find your virtual scrolls because I believe people inherently do not change nor does the world. It all goes on the way it always has unless they believe in Jesus!

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  3. Great minds … but that doesn’t include the Salena lady. Shame on her. So sorry that happened. For me it’s been a case as Ben Franklin once said, “Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other.” I’ve been to that school. I pray often that I never hurt others. I’m sure I “steal” ideas but that’s because I’m not especially clever.
    I like your writings. You’re better focused than me. Here lately, I’ve shied clear of politics. Guess I’m weary of the whole cesspool and the powerless feeling that goes along with it. I’m glad there are others who can take it. 🙂
    Thanks for the follow. God bless and keep looking up ’cause Jesus may return at any time. xx

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    1. Sparky thank you. I know how you feel. I quit writing and blogging a year and a half after Obama was elected. My heart was tired, I needed a break. It’s hard to sing to a choir that does not hear you, nor listen. I know that very well. Don’t be a stranger. You are always welcome here my friend. God bless you and remember Jesus is the reason we are here.


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