“AMBUSH” and “KILL SHOT”: Stop Whining Gain of Function Dr. Fauci (Left ambush on Jesse Watters)

The despicable doctor that financed and fueled Gain of Function Lab in Wuhan decrying “these people should be fired…my family is not safe.”

The left wants blood and it is not Dr. Fauci’s, it is Jesse Watters. If the left addressed a crowd using speech far worse than anything Watter’s could come up with it would be just fine. The pendulum of politics no longer swings both ways. Just left, just corrupt, just sickening.

Fox News will not fire Jesse Watters. Though they did silence Laura Logan, and I suspect some gender bias going on, however, that is a story for another time. Watters is no saint and it is widely known he is divorced due to cheating on his wife, so I tend to cringe when he speaks from his “moral” high ground.

Both right and left have a double standard. Do as I say, not as I do. Do I believe Watters should be fired because I personally think he is a hypocrite, no, because he speaks the truth regarding Dr. Fauci. On the flip side, Fauci is a government crony, a career doctor that borders on reminding me of Dr. Jeckyl.

Lara Logan had compared Fauci to Hitler. I understand the parallels and agree with Logan. Like Hitler, Fauci is on a sick power and ego trip. He has no regard for who he hurts or has hurt. The man is responsible solely for every covid death worldwide. The man is demented. He is the “Function of Kill” doctor.

No matter how much the left spins the truth, the truth is front and center. The fact remains that Watters was spot on, perhaps the verbiage could have been better thought out, but nonetheless saying “ambush” and “kill shot” is not a crime the last time I read the U.S. Constitution. Fauci, well, I do not even consider his credentials as credible. He is a liar, a cheat, conniving, and a killer. Don’t be fooled by the left or their left-handed tactics. Fauci needs to be replaced and Watters just needs to keep his mouth shut on morality and just stick to the business of reporting political news.

4 thoughts on ““AMBUSH” and “KILL SHOT”: Stop Whining Gain of Function Dr. Fauci (Left ambush on Jesse Watters)

  1. Dr. Fauci had me fooled for quite a while. But when I started tabulating his lies and seeing that he is another wannabe totalitarian, I was done with him.

    Dr. Francis Collins, a man whom I respected (He even gave me some personal medical advice back in 2017! Now I no longer believe his advice. **sigh**), is of the same ilk as Fauci. Both are god-players — much like Dr. Frankenstein, and we all know how that experiment turned out.


    1. AOW many doctors are of the same ilk as Fauci and Collins. In med school they are taught they are gods because they make life and death decisions. The theory behind this sick methodology is that they must be “pumped up” or they will not be able to help anyone out of fear of killing them. Ironically they kill people with impunity and care little to nothing about their Hippocratic oath to do no harm. I am sure Fauci and Collins care little to not at all about the Hippocratic oath they took. Truly sad and very astounding. Who signs up to help people and then decides to kill them. Dr. Jeckyl and Dr. Frankenstein. I am not sure I would even put Kovorkian [Dr. Death] in their category because though I believe his methodology was wrong, he came from a place of caring for dying patients and helping them. Although I find it sick and a poor excuse regarding Kovorkian, Fauci has no excuse, no remorse, and cares about no one.


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