Joe Manchin: America’s Senator That Has YOUR BACK

When speaking of Senator Manchin, it is often noted that he refers back to the real people, the people that voted for him, his continuants. What I want people to realize is that this man knows he is accountable to the people of West Virginia.

I would like to put my spin on Senator Manchin, he is America’s senator, and he has your back. Biden is a dismal failure. Rudy Guiliani had always said that Biden is stupid, and it is so true. Kamala Harris is a joke. She should have remained a prosecutor. Harris is a tough prosecutor. Remember how she grilled ACB? Harris can be ruthless. These idiots do not know when they have it good or also to stay with what they know. They are not God! Nevertheless, they do seem to think they are God, don’t they?

This is why I respect Senator Manchin. He has character, integrity, wit, guts and he is an honest man. We need honest people with a purpose on Capitol Hill. In the meantime, we have to listen to the lies of Jen Psaki and her ilk. The Squad is petrified because Manchin finally spanked those little brats’ bums. You know they needed to be honed in.

Today we can honestly say, Senator Manchin saved America from Build Back Better and Biden’s disastrous plans. Thank God! Now let’s see how Manchin can reign in this awful inflation situation facing the U.S. citizenry. Someone has to stop Biden and I am hoping Manchin will bring him down. Sadly, in the meantime, we are forced to watch the dog and pony show so giddyup! The horses are coming soon to the rescue.

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