We Are Falling

I chose to shut down my former blog, The HILL Chronicles, over eleven years ago. It was too much for me to comprehend that after the then-elected Barak Obama as president no one had listened. No one in my recollection even bothered to read The Audacity of Hope, let alone research this man. Obama said, “white people have privilege.” Really? Where I come from privilege is something you work and strive for through perseverance. It is not handed to anyone, and it has nothing to do with color, money, but instead morality and integrity. Two words lost on this nation of late.

Ok, so I quit. Why write to those that only agree with you? Where were the naysayers, the people with angst against most Republicans if not all? Those were and still are the people I always have hoped would listen, but they are not listening. Instead, we have a whole group of people that are ignorant of history, truth, morals, and basically do not believe in God. If they do believe in God, it’s some kind of crazy.

My heroes after the good Lord, Jesus Christ, are Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter. Oh yes, and there is a new hero, Candice Owens. Owens is one of the most articulate people to date on the tempo of this generation, those past, and where woke and Black Lives Matter would want to take us. Probably most likely at the end of the day it would be beyond the six feet under they are adorning this nation with.

This patriot is angry and can no longer shut my mouth, and I have so much to say to these so-called progressives and full of nonsense woke people. The problem is that we are awake and only God knows the illiterate filth we hear being spewed that is tearing us all down. It needs to stop.

A nation once under God’s blessings has fallen from grace. The Bible states that if two cannot walk together they will fall. (paraphrased) We are falling. Every day a little bit, inch by inch, by inch. We have to fight our way back. We need to take our nation back. Vote for every Republican that makes sense and has the people whom this nation was built upon, that really has our interests going forth. I am sick of Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, and the Mitch McConnell’s that have become wealthy off the backs of the American people. While we toil, they drink cocktails at lunch and turn money into pork. We see this never-ending inflation not to mention Covid-19 and Dr. Fauci. I will have so much more to say on this and many topics. Just be patient because I rarely disappoint.

I don’t intend to rant and rant so I will end with this, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris need to go away. Pelosi and Warren and McConnell need to follow. Our Supreme Court should stand as it is, not crowding it with airhead liberals and people of hate. I’m done being quiet. When Obama became president I lost my focus, I lost faith in our government, but now I have a mission. That mission is to write about not only what is wrong, but all that is right, and to tell everyone to get up off their couches and stand up for what is good, moral, and right. It does not matter your color, it’s your right as an American to speak up and to do it, I am.

2 thoughts on “We Are Falling

  1. Glad to see that you have returned to the web. I’ve missed your voice.

    The two coasts, their surrounding areas, and so many of the metropolitan areas nationwide are the woke elites and, more or less, control our nation’s politics, particularly at the federal level.

    All that is bad enough, but add to it what’s happening in our nation’s “schools,” K-all levels of college. I put “schools” in quotation marks because they are no longer centers of true education, but rather indoctrination centers for Leftism and hedonism.

    Our nation needs another Great Awakening!

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