Breaking: Nancy Pelosi’s Son Linked To Five Shady Companies Being Investigated By The Feds

"The website reports that in February 2007, Pelosi Jr. was hired as senior vice president by Omaha-based InfoUSA, a database marketing company that was investigated by the Iowa Attorney General’s Office several years earlier for allegedly selling consumer data to fraudsters. The data was then used to scam sick and gullible elderly people out of money, it was alleged. The investigation was closed, and no arrests were made. Pelosi Jr., who was paid a salary of $180,000 per year, joined the firm after the probe ended."

Let’s Talk Sources of American Law: U.S. Constitution

"Dual Constitution is the relationship between federal and constitutional rights and state constitutional rights. Every state has its own Constitution, but state Constitutional law is not permitted to decrease or limit federally protected rights.  However, a state may extend civil rights beyond the requirements of the federal Constitution."

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